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Unit Animations

Here are just a few animations of the hundreds of military units you can build from 12 unique fantasy races in Age of Wonders II. Check out our full Units listing in our Game Info section for their full stats.


Frostling Mammoth

Halflings Leprechaun
The Leprechaun is the "special unit" for the Halflings. It has a new displacement ability making it hard to hit. Special units are available when you fully upgrade a town. They are not linked to a city size level as they were in AoW1.

Frostling Mammoth Rider
The Mammoth Rider is a powerful military unit on the battlefield and can also knock down a city's wall defenses.

Spider Queen Pioneer

Dark Elves Spider Queen
The Spider Queen can fire mystic bolts, climb over a city's walls and entangle opponents in sticky webbing

The Pioneer can be built in cities and takes over the functionality of the Builder unit from AoW1. It blazes a trail into new lands and can build entirely new cities where there were none before!

Karissa Goblin Wyvern Rider

Karissa the Fire Wizard
Karissa is one of the 12 Wizards fighting for the Wizard's Throne to rule over the Circle of Evermore.

Goblin Wyvern Rider
Wyvern riders serve as aerial reconnaissance for the advancing Goblin armies and to harass the enemy by capturing its resources. In battle, the Wyvern's razor sharp beak shreds its opponent and also inflicts the wound with a strong poison.

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