Scenario Editor

The Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne includes a friendly and easy-to-pick-up scenario design editor – the AOW2Ed. This editor suite can be used to create new scenarios and tweak existing ones. With enough time, hardwork and creativity, scenario designers will soon be able to produce quality scenarios for themselves and for their friends to play.

The editor gives the scenario designer freedom to:

  • Make maps of four different sizes.
  • Customise city levels and race types.
  • Almost every object can be customised – item properties, hero properties, unit stack behaviors.
  • Adjust the AI levels and tweak the overall difficulty level of the map.

Compared to the previous AOWEd, this editor has the following new functions function:

  • Customise hero classes and researched spells.
  • Mix and match terrain now blends better.
  • Tree, ground and other terrain object tiles are easier to randomise – with a click of the mouse, the appearance of the graphic changes.
  • Raise and lower terrain to simulate realistic layout of lands.
  • Implementation and editing of scripts to produce time or object dependent events. The event scripts editor may be simpler than most included in other games, but it is still quite powerful!

The scenario files are small enough to be e-mailed out to friends or uploaded to any AOW2 map site. (100-200 kb)

If you are interested in using this editor to create your own scenarios, be sure to visit our Scenario Designers’ Hall for how-to’s, details on the various editor functions and map making tips from experts. You’re welcome to send in your contributions, either via email or post on our forums. Most importantly, always have fun! Happy Map Making!