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v1.2 Patch Changes

Note that this list may be incomplete. If you know something more that's been addressed by this patch, please let us know.


  • In the Realm display, double-clicking a City in the list now selects the City.
  • In the Realm display, double-clicking a Hero in the list now selects the Hero.
  • Sacred Woods, Poison Plants, and Evil Woods now list their ATT and DAM when holding the mouse over them.
  • Arrow buttons on the Selected object banner will now select previous/next Cities as well as Parties.
  • Arrow buttons have been added to the Hero window to allow selecting the Previous/Next Hero.


  • The +- keys no longer affect the map when typing into a text field.
  • In some cases, canceling a spell would cause an error.
  • If the target of a Disjunction spell is no longer valid, the spell now cancels itself when cast.
  • Clouds from the Pestilence spell now disappear after 3 days, and correctly show 0 Upkeep.
  • City Enchantments are now properly removed when the City is Razed.
  • In some situations, Building Roads did not function properly.
  • The Mana display is now properly updated when a Summoned Unit is Disbanded.
  • Event Conditions using the Trigger Player now work properly.
  • Spacebar now properly selects the next Event.
  • On some user maps, the Independents displayed as a Blue player.
  • Life/Poison Domain are now properly removed when a campaign scenario is finished.
  • AI now builds Master Guilds.
  • In some situations, it was possible to move AI parties.
  • In some situations, it was possible to sell the same object to the AI twice.
  • In rare circumstances, 2 parties could occupy the same hex.
  • Heroes who die and Resurge can now properly Upgrade when gaining levels.
  • A few Wizards in a few Custom Scenarios were missing a Skill.
  • The Research book showed some Summonable Units with the wrong Upkeep.
  • Shrine of Nature now properly gives +10 population growth.
  • AI Fire Wizards sometimes sent Units to their doom in lava from Cities that had Halls of Enchantment.
  • If an AI Wizard died by walking through Holy Woods, the game would hang.
  • The mouse cursor no longer changes when moved over concealed or fogged parties.
  • Fixed a very rare bug which would prevent the turn from ending properly.
  • Fixed a rare bug in which the AI would not complete its turn.
  • In some situations, the AI would Migrate a City, then leave it too weakly guarded to complete the Migration.
  • Placing Production Resources/Hasteberry Trees/Magic Catalyst on Ice terrain in the Editor crashed.
  • The Unit killed Event condition now works properly if the Unit is a Hero.
  • Producing Housing while suffering from Plague no longer increases the population loss.
  • AI parties can now be set to Wander.
  • On large scenarios that had been mostly explored, selecting a party that already had a movepath could cause the game to stall for a few seconds.
  • Holy/Unholy Champion spells now properly give Willpower.
  • Units with Block and First Strike no longer play Block animations when First Strike is active.
  • Fire Halo now properly gives Fire Strike.
  • TC AI no longer crashes during walled sieges if it cannot reach any units or walls.
  • Turn Undead Spell now lists DAM in it's event info.
  • Combat Spells are now properly affected by Weakness and Protection.
  • Geyser, Suffocate, and Deep Fissure are now properly affected by Immunity.
  • Taunt now works properly.
  • Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Enter no longer popup confirmation dialogs in TC.
  • Some movepaths allowed units to gain an extra strike in melee.
  • In TC, Units that should not be able to walk on Lava, no longer can.
  • Turn Undead spell event info no longer incorrectly says it caused Vertigo.
  • Swarm spell event info no longer incorrectly says it caused Burning.
  • The Hurl Boulder animation no longer plays incorrectly when hitting an obstacle.
  • A Unit with Resurgence belonging to a Wizard who dies in a drawn combat, no longer resurges.
  • The descriptions for Bless Spell and Ability were incorrect.


  • Haste now reduces the movepoint cost of a hex by 1, instead of the previous 2.
  • Hurrying Production now costs 2x the remaining production points in gold, instead of the previous 1x.
  • Flying units now require 8 Movepoints to move onto a Mountain hex, instead of the previous 4.
  • Holy Champion and Unholy Champion Enchantments no longer give additional ATT and DAM bonuses.
  • Undead Cities are now immune to Plague.
  • The Free Movement Spell can no longer be cast on Units which cannot already Walk.
  • When acquiring Production Resources, the items you are currently building are no longer left off the list of possible rewards.
  • Possessed Units now have an Alignment of Evil.
  • Wizards now drop their Items any time they are sent into the Void, not only when they are completely defeated.
  • Double Strike no longer uses double Movepoints when retaliating.
  • Healing Showers and High Prayer no longer heal machines.
  • Self Destruct now does Fire damage.
  • The Frost Wand item now gives Frost Bolts instead of Frost Breath.
  • Static Shield no longer gives +2 RES.
  • Poison Domain now inflicts -2 ATT / DEF / DAM / RES, and 0-3 HP damage per turn.

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