Age of Wonders 2 Final Demo

The 104MB demo features one scenario, “Inioch’s Legacy,” where siblings Julia and Meandor, the offspring of the ancient Elven King Inioch, meet while investigating the secret research of their father. A powerful wizard Yaka, wants to keep them from learning the ‘Path of the Wizard’.

The demo is playable from two sides as either a single player game against two AI opponents or as a multiplayer game against one human and one AI opponent. The demo offers select features, spells and units from the game. For multiplayer, LAN, Internet and Play By E-mail options are available.

If you’re stuck or need help, visit our Gameplay Help & Strategies forum. If you’re having technical problems with the demo such as installation or display errors, visit our Technical Help forum.

System Requirements

  • OPERATING SYSTEM – Win98/Me/2000/XP
  • PROCESSOR – Minimum Pentium II – 300Mhz
  • RAM – 64mb RAM
  • VIDEO – 3d video card with at least 4MB of ram.
  • DIRECT X – Must have DirectX 8.0+

You can download the 104.8 MB demo from any of these sources: