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City Structures

A city in Age of Wonders 2 typically starts out as an Outpost, and grows to the size of a City as the population increases. These cities contain structures which you have to build in order to upgrade your units and increase the defensive capabilities of your cities. During the game, you have to constantly stay ahead of your opponents by building and upgrading Military Structures to obtain meelee and range units, Monasteries to recruit monks or priest, and Siege Works for the construction of siege weapons such as cannons and catapults or raise Stone Walls to protect your cities from invaders.

In addition, you will also be able to build Wizard's Towers and Magical Structures to increase the area your magical influence and confer magical defences to your cities. You may build Shrines and complete quests to appease the spirits of the land. The ability to execute your own city upgrade plan leaves more room for a wider and more flexible gameplay style.

Outpost           City

To build a structure, you must have enough gold to pay for the building cost. The time it takes to finish building the structure is determined on your Town Production points in that town or city. Production time is affected by race bonuses, the size of your city and having certain builder structures in your town or city. For an example, having a Builder's Hall increases Town Production by 10 points.

City Structures fall mainly into four categories:


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