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Scenarios » The Wilderness v_1_k

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The Wilderness v_1_k

Author File Description
The Groll
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 3
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:
The Wilderness

AoWSM map and story


The Groll


The humans are afraid of the evil from the first days, but this days the evil becomes alive and ghosts and undead creatures roam the lands of the humans.

Dark tales and holy writings are nothing compared to the actual reality.

The undead creatures are not fairy tales anymore. They are active. Undead creatures that can be touched and they touch the living beings, only to drag them to themselves - into death.

The humans left their farms and cities on the surface to hide in some few secure caves under the earth, because they are in great panic. The humans hide in the areas where normally the deads are.

Many years have gone by, but now the Undead King Necromonger is starting a last and terrible march to the human lands. But where do the undead came from?

The leaders of the human´s can´t hide in their caves anymore and the only hope it to reach a far away land where they hope to find help or may find the key to help themselves.

The druids and wise men say this land is far away in the east, but it’s unknown if this is true.

The Undead are on the march to the last human caves and sitting in this caves will guarantee death.

Therefore some of the last warriors dare to explore the original seed lands of their fathers to find a way how to fight the undead. Meanwhile the common folk need to stay in the caves. The more they march to the east the more the land turns into a wild fantasy.

What will they find and is there really hope in the east?

The Kor Mountain shall be the place of destiny but where is this mountain? What will the humans be able to do, if they will really find this mystical mountain from the known old fairy tales?

But one thing is for sure: If the warriors are not successful the human race will die.

So why not risk the life if the family prospect is to become an undead being soon?

Take your sword and holy cross then marching to the far away east to find whatever may there.

There is no other hope to stay alive.

The Undead are coming.


In “The Wilderness” I complied my wish to make a map where less is more.

I wanted to make a map where you have the feeling of the "dark age".

A land like England or Russia as they were in the dark age.

A medieval map, where you can feel the Middle Age.

A land of highlanders, wild, barren and empty where you can feel the wind.

A wild land without much more than a true wild nature.

A land without many big cities and without a large domain.

A land that can´t support or feed many people and where you have the feeling, that moving your units and armies are as it may have been in middle age.

You will have only few units and can´t produce endless armies of level 4 units.

Long ways to go, until you reach something and only a few creatures existing in it.

A land where you can´t see it all and without many watchtowers.

I wanted no flying transport in this map, because they destroy it and they are not medieval.

Only humans that move by feet and no other transport than ships.

Long marches around mountains and waters without endless view, if you haven’t spiritual seers among your peoples.

A map where the folk fears the unholy devil and this fear is stronger than anything else.

The humans must fear the Undead in this map, like it was in the middle age.

I want a map where flyers are rare and where you have to build ships to cross the ocean.

This was a major goal in this map.

To break the power of air galleys is very important in this map and so you won’t find such units in this map.

It is still a fantasy map, but with a more middle age feeling and with only a few fantasy flyers.

The AoWSM air units often ruin the funny game play and because of this I will not allow to use this units here.

This time I wanted a map where you need to move your few units through the land and don´t have a wide view.

Therefore you and your enemy will pass each other maybe only a few hexes nearby, but you won’t see each other.

Human Players and AI Players:

This is a three player map but I wanted a map where one player is a dark and terrible AI player and the other two human players need to play in a cooperative way, when they want to survive. It is also possible to play it as SP map. You can be sure your Nomad or Human neighbor will scare the undead and you may will fight in an alliance against the evil Undead Necromonger.

The three races are:

Humans (Human Player), Nomads (Human Player), Undead (AI Player).

As more powerful you set up the Undead Necromonger AI player, as more extra units he get and as stronger he will be.

I left all players possible to play as human player but to play the undead is maybe not a good idea.


This is my tenth AoWSM map. It is time to dedicate a map to three of my AoWSM friends. They are more than only AoWSM community friends. I did not meet anyone of them so far in RL but I know they are fine guys with an open heart and they are true friends.

This map is dedicated to Albaron, PawelS and Swolte.

This is an alphabetical order, not an order how much I like you, my friends.

You helped me a lot in hard times in my RL and we have talked a lot in messengers and emails. This map is for you and I hope I payed back all my bills with it.

This is a cooperative map, where two humans should try to wipe out the undead AI king. I wish you much fun playing this map. It may be my last map for AoWSM.

More Fatcs:

The Undead AI Player gets extra units and resources every day, but the number and quality depends on its difficulty level.

If the AI player is set to:

Peasant/Warrior - Normal number and quality of extra units

Knight/Lord - More and better quality of extra units

King/Emperor - Most and best quality of extra units

The map contains 110 Heroes.

I made 45 complete new heroes for this map. The other heroes were taken from my other maps.

All original heroes are removed from the map.

All original items are removed from the map too.

But I made more than 250 new items or copied items from my other maps.

How to play this map?

I recommend not to recruit, seduce, dominate or resurrect undead creatures and heroes.

This is against the spirit of this map and will take away the joy of playing this map.

Thanks for Betatesting:

Albaron, PawelS, Timelord, The Groll

Thank you for playing the beta versions in cooperative online sessions with me or in SP.

Thanks to Timelord for hints and error reports after play testing.

Special Thanks:

Many special thanks goes to Albaron for playing the beta map with me and for translating this document and four special heroes (Albaron, PawelS, Swolte & The Groll).

And a very special thanks to him for believing in me all the time and for being such a good friend. :-)

Specail Docfile included:
I made the story of the map in a picture story.
If you like to read this storybook of “The Wilderness” come closer and open the "The_Wilderness_Picturestory_v_1_k.mht" file that is includet in this zipfile.
It is a html based file and any internet browser can open it, so anyone even without MS word or open office can enjoy the picture story in the internet browser.

I wish you much fun playing it and enjoy the picture story of "The Wilderness" (hints included). ;-)

Up the irons!

Author, Date and Version:

The Groll, 27. Oktober 2009, v.1_k
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
(id: swolte)
Yay, finally released!

I won't take a look, so I can play it blind one day, hehe! However, I am sure the atmosphere and mappainting will be great, as is usual the case with your maps!

In general, I also think it is wonderful to have more good quality cooperation maps for this game. Much needed!
From the few cooperation games I have played, I know they are a lot of fun! It's a whole new genre.

Most of the coop maps have been with 4 players against an AI, but this map is unique in that two players battle a strong AI player! It is a more 'intimate' setting and I reckon turns will go a bit faster.

In sum, welcome to the first 1+1 map (instead of 1v1)!

~ Swolte

Btw, I am surprised to hear there were no frustrating stories about scripting!
sausud Hi Groll, I am a bit upset with you. You did not mail me the changed version of the map for betatesting. I had requested to you on mail.
The Groll
File Author
Thank you Swolte for putting the map online and for your nice comment.
I want you to play this map because it is dedicated for your too.
I beg yuo play it maybe even in an oline game with a friend.
Check the document or the download description here ;-)
And you will find yourself in this map.
A great hero even when he is a little... You have to find out ;-)
Timelord has proven it is fun playing the map in SP too but playing it online is very nice.

About scripting.
Scripting is allways the most funnny thing as you know ;-)
Sometimes a little mad.
But maybe this map did not contain any events? ;-)
Ahhhh, we know this is not possible in a Groll´s map.
Yes there are events of course but I am much more organized meanwhile and it´s easyer to find the buggy ones when playtesting takes place.

Hi mate. I send you an email on 18. October.
I will resend it now. There I explain it all.
I have two email addresses and maybe I use the wrong address?
I send it to both addresses now to please you.
Don´t be angre with me. It´s released and you can play it in a final version now :-)

I know many players take a look at a new map to get an idea if it is worth playing.
I understand this.
If I am allowed to give you a hind then take a look at it in the editor but only as far as you can see the map in my little minimappictures on this download page.
Then you will still keep the most secrets for playing it.
Better is to play it blind and only read the nice picturestory I made for this map to get a better idea what yiou have to do in this world.
rat_peddler A difficult and challenging map. I have just finally conquered the 4 underground undead ciites. However, all my troops are now trapped there. The path out is blocked by a teleporter that just loops me back over and over. No clues are offered as to what the next steps should be. Yes, I can recall them via Mana, but was hoping for something more "elegant" then that.

Any hints?
The Groll
File Author
Hi all,

I recomment to read the nice picture story I made for this map.
It is implemented in the zip file.
It is a file that any internet browser is able to open and you will be able to understand more if you read it.

I hope you players like this picture story.
It was fun and a some work to create it and it can help you find your way or understand what the goal is in this world but it lett you also "imagine" the things you nee to do in this world and don´t say: "Do this and that."
I hope it helps and give you a nice feeling for this world.

Hi Rat Paddler,

Hint and spoiler:

Only read this if you don´t know what to do when you have entered the undead realm (dungeon level) and have occupied the four undead citys.

Hint: I think you mean the four undead citys in the "skull chamber".
You should raze all the four citys. There should be a message that tells you to raze them all when you enter the hall or capture a city. I don´t remember now.
After you have burned them (all four) down there will be a new way...
You don´t need to recall your troops from this place.
You will need them all and finaly you will find a way back home or you will be able to complete the mission with this troops.
If you need more help please let me know.
rat_peddler I had looted all 4 of them. Got a message each time. So looting looked like a better alternative then razing as I needed the money.

I went back to a check point. I RAZED the final city and that caused the event to happen that opened it up.

Thanks for the "spoiler" hint.

[Edited on 11/17/09 @ 09:58 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I docked this due to some issues with knowing what to do. Also some of the areas are unnecessarily brutually slow to move through. I had to keep frequent checkpoints because major strategy errors are very possible.

Balance: 5
The AI is given enough support to make progress grudging and difficult.

Creativity: 5
I liked the ability to play to cooperative players. Made the game richer in strategy, plus given advantages of the AI it was necessary for balance. Lots of creative scripts and approaches.

Map Design: 5
A very interesting map. Some ares it was hard to figure out how to navigate. See commments on playability.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good depth of story including supporting HTML file.

Additional Comments:
It took me 323 days to complete. This is probably longer then optimal play as I was wandering around lost in the wilderness a few times ;-) I played it without looking at the map once in the editor.

[Edited on 11/20/09 @ 12:32 PM]

The Groll
File Author
Hi RP!

Thanks a lot for this vote and aditional comments.
323 days to complete!
Whoau! But without looking at the map and cruising through the wilderness ;-) was what I wanted in this map, like wandering in the dark age.
I think if you would play it again you would only need half the time to complete (maybe depends on difficult setting).
Thanks for playing this map to the end!
I hope it was thrilling all the long time.
323 Days! :-) And the game was still "alive".

I have so many questions:
- Have you found PawelS, Swolte, Albaron & The Groll and do you liked their storys?
- Have you conquered the the Syron/Dwarven City?
- How do you have climbed the Kor Mountain?
- How did you cross the ocean with your troops?
- Have you used ships from Portas Piratos and sail down the river and cross the ocean?
- Have you played both human races in your game?
- Have you maybe opened the tunnel to the other side?
- What difficult level do you choose?

I also would be happy to see the last savegame.
Very cool that you are out here and playing.
I hope you liked the Kor Witch? :-)
Looks like you a master of your own destiny.

Thanks a lot for playing!
rat_peddler I think I pretty much covered the entire map.
I got a Syron Forceship from the Groll for killing the mussel eater. An early attempt to cross with water walking was stopped by the AI with dispel magic. The ships also had a hard time surviving the constant Cursed spell.

I had a real hard time with the Greater Demon. To capture the special artifact. I did this thinking it would open up access to Necron.

Part of the reason it took longer is that I did not find Necron very easily. I did not realize he had reappeared in the skull area. So I was looking all over for some way to get to him. This lead to a very thorough exploration of the map.

I thought the back stories were well done. I played both of the neutral races using Classic turn style.

I played at the middle level of difficulty. That was hard enough for me.

What is your email or where would you want the save file posted.

[Edited on 11/20/09 @ 03:13 PM]

The Groll
File Author
Hi RP,

My email **********removed**********
Please remove the brackets and replace DOT = . and AT = @
I will remove this email address soon again because I don´t like to get picked up by email harvestors and emailbots and don´t like spam from this bots.

Thanks for answering my comment and taking up connection.
Sounds very interesting what you did, in this map, to archive final victory over Necromonger. :-)

[Edited on 11/21/09 @ 06:53 AM]

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