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Fight for Light v3.0

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 6
# of players: 5
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
(part of story)
...the ShadowGod has returned and his powers are greater than ever before. Rumors have it he can spawn the Demons from their prison back to the surface.. Time weakened the Archon forces and the other four races have had little contact. Aberon, the city of Light stands pale between the free lands and the gathering darkness..
Dark clouds gather over the world as the first death knights ride out of the black gate of Dor Valach...

Fight for Light has been around since AoW2 and has proven to be extremely popular. The map was chosen the best multiplayer map in a poll.
It's uniqueness is that it is purely a coop map. You need to cooperate to win this scenario against an almighty evil.

Version 3.0 is updated with a lot of the latest v1.4 patch content. Since the map has been playtested for years, most of the map has been left untouched. Many changes consist out of extra v1.4 units in recruitment sites and as defenders.

******************** !!! RULES, READ ALL !!! *******************
In order to fully enjoy the map and play it like I ‘balanced’, or meant it, use these rules (some are already preset):

- Enable Allied victory (not preset).
- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Play with surrender OFF (this to get your heroes more developed and give the ShadowGod something to do as well..). Couldn't preset in the editor so don't forget to enable the option when setting up the game!
- IMPORTANT!! -> NO TRADING of SPELLS!! Mana and Gold etc, are allowed, but please agree to NOT trade spells with the AI, fellow players or whatever. This can make the alliance too strong (since multiple spheres are now active) and it also limits the ‘abuse’ of multiple Holy woods.
You may enchant your allies with YOUR unit spells, for example, but not trade that Stone Skin to everybody! Again, trading gold and mana is ok!
- The ShadowGod may use all he can think of to get his demons out sooner but must agree to NOT use the disband-animate Hero spell trick!
- No use of buildable teleporters! (preset).
- Because of the city limits and this being a large map that takes time before confrontations, the option to build outposts is disabled (rebuilding is possible, of course)
- Make sure ALL playes are aware of these rules before starting.
******************** !!! NEW RULES, READ ALL !!! ********************

Like stated above, the map is designed as a Co-op map. This means you can play with four friends (to be) against the Shadowgod! Working and coordinating attacks together is crucial for survival and give the ShadowGod a challenge. On your own or against the others, would make it very hard to defeat the shadowGod (if not impossible)!
Most fun would be to let a reliable human player play the ShadowGod (doesn't have to be a very good player, perhaps those with the roleplaying skills..).

I left the story quite simple. So you, as players will have to use your imagination (and I could spare some of my own :p)! The story-events that ARE in place are quite crucial, so pay good attention to them. Also, for those that need a push in the imagination area, I’ve sapped every creative bit left out of my brain into the hero descriptions!

There are no 'free' heroes. Each player will start with a fixed number of heroes and more to gain along the way. The Call Hero spell is useless. TIP: be careful with your heroes! Seriously, do NOT stack ‘m all together because if you lose that battle, the chance you’ll be hero-less for the rest of the game is big and no fun! Spread that risk and your armies!
Note that some heroes can be obtained by completing certain quests or finding places, though...

These are the available races/wizards:

Very, very strong starting position. Mostly undead but able to migrate to any evil race due to the... well you'll see. If played by the computer, set to CPU Emperor. It is ‘set’ to a human player, so you may want to strenghten the ShadowGod if you let him be played by the CPU-Emperor (I suggest getting rid of all the city limits in the ShadowArea and add some spiderqueens).
Expect your turns to last quite a long time, enjoy superior forces and other players fleeing for ye!

Preset to CPU Emperor as a mediating factor. To take advantage of, or to hopelessly underestimate... Sort of a buffer for the ShadowGod (and to get the needed experience from). Plays Dark Elves and Goblins. She can become pretty strong and if not taken serious can take out a risky player easily! Don’t let her grow too much by focusing on the Darkness spreading from the northeast...

The king of the Humans will face a hard time, this is by far the most difficult position to start (and keep), especially if the ShadowGod is a smart human player. Also, it is probably the first to go down or the first to grow powerful of the 'good' races. Let's hope the power won't corrupt this player if things might go too well... Don’t let inexperienced players take this side and provide help for his forces!
Anyway, be bold and expect some action soon. In all the games I’ve seen so far his capitol got razed...

The Elven player has a relatively safe starting position. The forest holds some dangers so be sure to scout ahead and use it to your advantage, defensively and offensively... Become powerful in the practice of Life Magic and scouting; a big support to the alliance! Later, the stronger elven troops could be the ones to turn the tides...

The most safe starting position but very needed to give support to those that need it. I would suggest the least experienced/skilled player to take on this position playing Halflings. They are the safety... the last line of defense to battle the ShadowGod.

A lot of choices to expand to (digging, surface, caves etc) and dangers to overcome. Once these slow but strong dwarves are on the move, the ShadowGod will face a hard time stopping them. By the use of their fire magic they can play an important role for the alliance. Don't get too spread up. In the games I've played and seen, this player has the most risk of dying first because of underestimating the roaming independents from the caves.

The map can be played in different ways, here are some suggestions:
5 players:
I originally designed the map in a way that if one good player plays the evil ShadowGod, the other four good players should have quite a hard time beating the God.
THIS is how the map is primarily designed.. so get 5 players!

1 player
Try this if you are an average player. I would advise choosing one of the good races for a nice challenge. Take every race but Humans because it could be too easy if the ShadowGod is AI.
If you want to play the Shadowgod, you will find it is way too easy, even if you put all the others on emperor. So, only if you are a very bad player! :p

Possible, but set the timer to 5 minutes to allow the ShadowGod time to make his moves..

6 players:
If you really want a challenge with four good players against two weaker players, you can weaken Dalviana's forces (set to human player) and her Dark Elf starting capitol and several defense forces somewhat and play 2 vs 4. Play at own risk!!

The map has been played for years and there were a lot of people contributing to its success.
I wanna thank Jamie, Magog, and Chascal for the especially detailed feedback! Sarah and Jamie for a Hero description, Rorschach for some extra events, and everyone else who was supportive with remarks on the maps progress and play!

Feel free to email feedback to swolte at gmail dot com
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
One of the best maps with great replayability from single player(I only play single player mode) perspective.

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Map Design5.0
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