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High Passes

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File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: No
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 3
# of players: 2
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Duke Grosso has lost his mind. He's a bitter and greedy dwarven ruler. He's a warmonger. He holds his duchy, High Passes, and embargoes any trade that would go through his mountains. He also has The Crown. THE CROWN I say!!! The Crown is the most powerful artifact, an item of legend.

This powerful artifact seems to have unbalanced Duke Grosso and he thinks everyone wants to take his crown. He just might be right and not so crazy after all.

On either side of the dwarven high passes are two ambitous scoundrels; Mufti Vaziero and Moshra Elp. Mufti and Moshra desire the crown, for they desire power and glory. Their stories will be written in blood.
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(id: swolte)
Map Design5.0
I am just going to paste what I write in the game thread when I played it. There is a bit of spoiler involved so for those who really want to play this piece blind, you better stop reading after this paragraph. In sum, the map is of exceptional quality and I would HIGHLY recommend it for a balanced, interesting, and fun game!

"Fubarno, I am really impressed by the map design and you can join the small and select group of people whose maps I trust playing blind from a balance perspective now. I realized this fully when I was dragging my Wizard down into the caves to summon a frog to collect the treasuries guarded by the Demonic Beholder. You cleverly put these anti magic tiles there to prevent these exploits. Most mapmakers would forget about these things, but I can see that we clearly have a good player at work here!

The map looks stunning but I think it doesn't have to be so symmetrical. There is no reason, for example, why the top right and bottom left corners have to have the same 'theme' (a ruined elven city) and story. Same goes for the happy colorful garden. You can put similar things/gains in balance-wise, but the terrain and atmosphere do not need to be the same! You can make the map even more unique (and varied) this way and still symmetrical from a strategic point of view!"

In sum, a great job and I am really looking forward to the project you are working on now. You already told me it is going to be less symmetrical. Please count me in for a blind game on that one as well.
Map Design5.0
Great map, Fubarno. This is an excellent duel map. Full of great details and smart placement. It really shows that this map was done by a good player.

A few suggestions if I may (bearing in mind that this is an excellent map): I would like a less symmetrical layout for the NE and SW corners. Also, I think it would be nice if Grosso was more aggressive. In our game we basically ignored Grosso (at least I did), and went around him to get to Mufti. It would be nice if there more events like the pirates, maybe on day 20-25. A sortie by a few runemasters in my territory would have given me more incentive to go after Grosso.

p.s. I just read Swolte's review, I see we have similar views!
rat_peddler As a SP game, Grusso crushed the other AI. I played the left hand player. I set both AIs to Emporer. I have had to deal with many stacks of Phoenix and Rune Masters. I may have not started with the right moves as I started this blind. I am now playing on day 114. Grusso has about 2/3s of the map so the Emporer setting is a huge advantage at that point.
Death Templar
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Definitely playable, but I found some details of the map to made it more difficult than it should have been.

Balance: 5
The symmetry of the map allows the Human players to start on equal footing.

Creativity: 4
Plenty of creativity in the details of the map, but I was put off by the symmetry of the map.

Map Design: 5
Excellent level of detail and plenty of interesting places.

Story/Instructions: 5
Perfect amount of signs and messages.

Additional Comments:
Excellent map which I had fun playing. The instructions were straightforward and there were the right amount of signs; enough to add flavor, but not too many to create clutter. The only suggestions I might make is that the symmetry of the map made it seem overtly designed for multiplayer games. I also found the fact that Duke Grosso to be a Fire sphere wizard to be rather annoying, mainly because the combination of Fire Mastery/Fire Domain. That really becomes an issue with regular attacks of strong stacks of runemasters originating from his nearby strongholds to be overwhelming.
JamesEde Hey Fubarno,

Downloaded and played this on single player a little while ago. i would've signed up for a pbem on it, but i'm overextened on my games right now. great stuff. like your other maps, really packed with stuff and gives a feel of an authentic environment. may i once again say that these small 1on1 maps are great! plus, unlike your previous two, there's an AI to exploit, which is great!

i have one small request. in order to keep the name consistent with your previous maps, and with the dominant name theme of most AoW maps (something of something), i propose that it be renamed to 'Passes of Height'.
File Author
James, you really crack me up sometimes. Thanks for the laugh, though it's probably only funny to me. I twisted my mind for a name to this one. I did have a name theme up until this point and wanted to continue it, which you noticed. Now that I'm thinking about it, a name that would have sounded intriguing and stuck to the formula would have been Passes of Grosso. Incidentally and in getting back on my naming theme, my next map is called Oracles of Doom, if I can ever complete it. *wall*

[Edited on 12/07/08 @ 09:56 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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