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Family Feud

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: XL
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 2
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
For years, peace has reigned over the united Realm of Kisomi. The King and Queen (Lord Bardia and Lady Jasmine) were kind and fair but with a firm hand when it came to disputes. The land was allied and peace begat peace. Races lived in their areas and traded freely - life was good. Growing old together, they were happy, they had a son who they taught to be also fair and firm and the Realm seemed secure in its future.

Unfortunately times have (and always will be) changed.

Lady Jasmine died suddenly and it shocked the kingdom, especially Lord Bardia who became lost in his grief. Losing all connection to reality, he was consumed from inside. Lord Bardia foolishly called upon dark magics and Lady Jasmine rose from the grave to be by his side once more. The unforseen effects of this were immediate - having such a (now) evil wife, who lets be fair, lost her looks with age and undeath, can change a man and Lord Bardia let the Realm rot along with his wife. He loved her still, but the magics, that brought her back, were not designed by those with love in their hearts and light in their eyes. The Realm was doomed.

Their son (Prince Humperdink), although taken by grief, saw the dangers and took it upon himself to save his home lands. Unfortunately, he too was decieved by the dark magics that his father had called into being. The family advisor had been corrupted by forces beyond control and his mind forced to work against the royal family. He convinced Prince Humperdink to banish the Lord and Lady from the Realm before more damage could be done - but the method of banishment was kept secret from the Prince until too late. He was forced to watch as his beloved father was blasted (along with his entire home city) into the void, and then his once loved mother was exorcised from her undeath and buried along with her ancestors, her home city was then also razed to the ground to avoid reprisals. Realising his mistake, he was too late to save his parents, Prince H challenged the creature who was now making a grasp for power. The fight was short and brutal. The Prince had no chance as his foe was greater in every way - he was torn limb from limb and his liver eaten... with a nice chianti of course.

Thus Lord Brennather (The Soul Reaper) rose to power and the new Empire of Chaos came to being.

Lord Brennather is reaching for control. He is doing this slowly at first, as the land is still allied - but this will not last. He will crush all those who oppose him and the Realm will fall into darkness.

Please note that heroes are restricted. Do not call any more or resurrect any as this will disrupt the story. Also, do not increase the maximum number available or activate force field. Some items you will not like, you will be warned. Take heed.

Updated 6th September. Minor changes to smooth the game play.
Update 7th September. Frost Bite quest will reward now.
Update v2, drain will removed from start items.
Update v3, assassination quests conditions added to avoid hero already dead. Rainbow to Blackheart made visible.

Please note that the Key to Undeath is not that easy to find as the rainbow disappears with path of dath (reapers) and thus the message is no longer valid (as no rainbow). The entrance is highlighted in v3 by the seeing pool next to the Shrine of Power.
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Elbereth Just a quick comment: Haven't seen the entire map yet, but I definitely like what I have seen so far. Very interesting concepts (your "atuned" items, for example), an extensive story line, and a map that while not being cluttered shows a good deal of phantasy and harmony... My first impression: days of interesting gameplay are guaranteed!
File Author
Thanks Elbereth. Please note the updated file. I added about 4 minor changes that you might not even notice, but I did.
I concur, this map is very impressive and I would recommend playing it blind and getting lost in its sheer vastness. Its also very complete, its got some custom heroes, an original background story, events, new items, etc, etc...

The terrain design is nicely detailed and I can see the potential of a great mapmaker. Almost every area has some unique feature and this shows great dedication and imagination.

Personally, however, I don't like cities or structures too close to the borders of a map. This is a nitpick!

The 'special' areas are good, but not breathtaking (although some areas are). The Groll, for example is masterful in making breathtaking areas that make a lasting impression (sometimes overdoes, I think... :p).

Very well done and I am hoping for more...
File Author
Hi Swolte, I also made Lets Get Ready at the end of 2006. That is a bit different as more players can be played and is more likely to be replayed with different sides. A fraction simpler though as knew less about triggering events. Password is ibobs if you wanted to look at it. At the time I passworded that one as it was my first and didnt know better. Now it's up you the player if they want to read the spoilers...
Cheers for the comments!
Elbereth Ok, I have got a problem here, ibobs. I have completed the frostling hero assassination quest - at least I thought I had. Unfortunately, there is no reward, not even an explanatory message. Suggestions? Do I have to raise his home city as well? Has it got something to do with the fact that the hero's name is once spelled "Frost ...", and then again "Forst ..."? Unlikely... Please give me a hint here. Otherwise, is it a vital quest or can I proceed anyway?

Another question: Is it really enough to destroy the power shrine to stop the undead invasion? I did so many turns ago, yet their armies still abound...

Thanks, Elrûn.

[Edited on 09/07/07 @ 02:09 AM]

File Author
So you are playing Jasmine right? OK, the update I did yesterday fixed the Shrine message. It just comes about 50 turns too early and is just a message. The actual spawnings dont start until you kill Brennather for the first time. That is now fixed - sorry! I have also just updated with a Frost Bite spelling change and the quest reward should work now. I had the wrong hero's death triggering the reward! If you can find Xabu then you will get the reward! :)

The undead just come from that direction, so the armies you are seeing are just their "normal" ones...

However, the assassination quests are just extras to entertain with big fights and gain powerful cities to help you expand. You can always continue without problem.

Thanks for feedback.

[Edited on 09/07/07 @ 04:01 AM]

Elbereth Wow, that sure was a quick reply. The undead troups won't even begin to spawn, as I already atomised the shrine, will they?
File Author
I'm on line and interested in what people think of my work. :)

You have indeed stopped that yes... but dont tell anyone! You might want to rebuild the shrine, just to see the outcome later on.
Elbereth Maybe I will. But right now the map is interesting enough to me. Ah, and I forgot to mention I am playing Lord Bardy. Anything wrong with that? Jasmine died on day three, was that meant to be?
File Author
Both sides are planned to be equal, for single play and double play, so no problem at all.

Strange that Jasmine died though as I tested that start many times to check. She should just come out and take the home city. In the update yesterday I removed a stray tunnel underground near to her main city. This could have given the AI chance to go the wrong way. Ah well. Maybe just unlucky. I wouldn't worry.
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