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Let's Get Ready.

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 7
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: Yes
The peaceful land of Olympus has been safe for all races for a millenium since the alliance of good races sealed the Demon Lord into the Shadow. All gates to the Shadow were destroyed except one, that powerful armies guard with the power of immortality given to them by the Gods of Olympus themselves.

However, priests and seers throughout the land have fortold the return of the demons and that their Lord will follow. Disturbingly, this time seems to be upon you. Gates to the Shadow have appeared and effects of the Shadow can be seen around the immortal guardians. Is it the time of returning?

Grak has betrayed you, he is allied with the Darkness. There are rumours of evil spreading in the deep places.

You call for your advisors and you decide. It is time to call up your finest. It is time to rally the cities and people of the once mighty land of Olympus. It is time to call upon the Gods and seek their favour. New heroes must found, discover the ancient powers and forge new means to beat off the Darkness.

The Demon Lord is fierce, powerful and aggressive. Only force will stop him. Do you have what it takes to bring the fight to him and close the gates forever?
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Lal password protected yes... :(

[Edited on 12/09/06 @ 09:30 AM]

skypup1 This is a LARGE map with lots of computer processing time taken up by the Demon Lord. I have P4 1.8 Ghz with ATI 9250 and it takes about a minute or longer for Shadow Demons to finish their turn. Also, when all sides were set to Computer with Emperor setting, and I chose Bardia Conehead, a bug was noticed... After taking the Syron Grave City after a few turns, a few turns later the Spirit of Order dude pops up and gives me a quest to set the Syron City free. (which already was done a few turns ago) No acknowledgement or reward was given me by the Order dude. Also, after obtaining the Sword of the Gods, I follow signs to teleport back to surface, and I land on a spot telling me I'm stupid and that I opened up this Shadow Gate or something. I don't believe I read any sign warning me not to teleport back... If there is some other way to teleport back to surface without releasing hordes of Shadow Demons, someone please let me know...The story intro could have been a bit more detailed about the objective and things to avoid. I cannot rate this scenario yet, since I'm currently trying desperately to fend off hordes of Angels, Titans, and Fairy Drags. from this Caesar wizard. Also, plugging up a 2 hex canyon pass is alot tougher with limited units than a 1 hex space for same terrain. If computer plays opposing sides, do they have unlimited resources and Gold? ... it sure seems like it... Other than the above frustrations, map uses geography nicely for defensive strategy... PS: It seems abit of an advantage for RuneMeisters duelling against Manticores (same upkeep cost though). I found Phoenixes even struggling against those stubborn high level Dwarves... a bit unbalanced... especially when 3 or 4 stacks of them nonchalantly mosy across your mountain pass with fire immunity. :(
File Author
Thanks for the comments Skypup. I have spotted the bug with Bardia too but have not been able to cure it. Sorry. The Scenario is meant to be a bit of a challenge so enjoy the flights of angels and other such creatures, and the releasing of demons at the point when you return is also deliberate. I apologise for the comment, it is directed at one of my friends who very much enjoyed releasing demons in PBEM! The sword should make a massive difference to your side and the hoard of demons is the final challenge. I have played it with different sides and managed to win fine on Emperor. You just have to get expanding quick! The CPU power has always been an issue on my pc too, but not as bad as you are saying though. I hope that you still enjoy the scenario. Regards, Ibobs.
File Author
Hello Kyria,

Many thanks for your comments! I assume that no one had played it and most people thought it was rubbish!

I designed the map to play like I like maps to play. Big fights, big heroes and bigger enemies. The bit I hate, is after you kick ass at the start, there is rarely an opponent to challenge you unless you are multiplay on line or email, thus the Demon Lord as the final challenge.

Since it is my one and only map at the minute (sorry) and it was my first attempt and thus the messages can go wrong. They are activated by stepping on certain squares and then timed before the quest is given, thus if you are very quick, you can take the goal before you get the quest. Didnt figure out a way around that though.

The story is short because I wrote the same number of events for each of the 7 playable races - and that was painful. But it was designed for multiplayer and needed to do that.

The time taken was ok, a few weeks I guess, on and off, but I did have quite a bit of time sat on a train to work and back.

The Demon Lord stuff was easy, just give them a lot of troops to start, enough income to keep them going and a block to fool the AI into not advancing.

Also - I hate mastery spells. They unbalance things too much, thus no mastery in this.

More comments like this and I may have to make another! :)

BTW how did you find the last fight against the stack of DemonLords right at the end?


PS password is very difficult to break... ibobs...
Kyria Hey ibobs :)

Why do you assume no one played it?

The demon lord as the final challenge is good enough, I promise ;) It was so much fun fighting him. It was like, woot we finally got him- nevermind there is more hordes haha.

For the quest try this maybe to go around that problem: Under "Mission" set a condition "flag structure" and the trigger for that flag is independents. In that case, I assume, the quest would only go off if the town (in our case at least it was a town^^) is in the hands of the independents. Maybe that works?

I know your pain setting events for 7 races =) I did some for 8 races just recently... not a lot of events but some just had to happen to each one of them *g*

A few weeks for that map is not bad at all :) You have a laptop then I assume? Really nice work!

By "enough income" I assume you refer to the player settings?

"and a block to fool the AI into not advancing."

How exactly did you mean that?

By mastery spells you mean the high level spells? Like great hail and stuff like that? Or you mean the sphere masteries, like water mastery, death mastery etc. that give you all the nodes? I hate those too^^ But there is no way on blocking single spells in mapmaking, unfortunately.

Yes, you do have to make another map :) My husband and I would love that! :) Like I said before, let me know if you ever make another one :)

By the stack of demon lords do you mean the red monsters sitting in front of the demon lord's last castle? That was nasty^^ My spy got killed so my uber hero with that nice sword had to come in and strike them all down *smile* hehe, no that was really nasty^^
Also I liked it how you "lead" us through the shadow world. There really is only one way in the end to find the Lord and then you find him and kill him and take his town and you think you finally defeated him but no... he got another one... and another one... and... another... haha that was great!

Thanks to you ibobs =)
File Author
Hi Kyria,

Well, the only comment I got was one saying that a quest didnt work so well, so figured that was that. My first attempt an' all that, so just thought that was it.

Yup, laptop on the train.

Well, since you are so positive, I will see what I can come up with in terms of ideas. Give me a couple of weeks... :)

Yes, player income. I set it high for the AI to make sure that it built lots of troops. The block is the big amounts of high level troops on the shadow gate. The AI will only attack if it has bigger numbers than you, normally quite a lot more. Thus, I put 8 high level troops on a point where it could only attack with 8 and it will never go further due to stupidity. A player would of course hit it 3 or 4 times with weaker troops to get past, but it is not that smart.

I mean the true mastery spells that take the nodes and create domains around them. It over balances in many ways, including domain spells from your allies. I figure that if you use alter node it should get rid of the domain as the power should be restricted to the same type. This would make alter node much more useful plus give more tactics for changing domains... but it doesn't.

Blocking mastery of course is easy - right? Just give mixed spheres to each. All other spells are ok to have.

Yeah, I put that last fight in there just to see how powerful other players can get. I took in three BIG stacks and still lost 8 troops, but hoped it would surprise one or two people. Look out for more traps next time!

Thanks again for the positive feedback, it is much appreciated.

Kyria You are most welcome :)

Well, I saw in the map editor that there is also a cosmos mastery spell available... hmmmm ;) Wonder when that would appear.

About the 8 higher demons- well what really helped was the sacred wrath spell :) plus my lvl 23 maxed out hero :D 20/20/20/20 and tons of abilities :D
I don't remember what groups I sent in but probably like 3 or 4 groups of 8. I don't think I lost too many units. But anyway, these guys ARE nasty! =)
And I liked your traps- especially the messages that come with it *lol* like the one with the center step^^ did you not read the sign?! haha!
And a round or two later.. here they come ... ooops! haha!
File Author
Hi Kyria,

FYI, new scenario under production.

File Author
Hi Kyria,

New scenario - Family Feud is posted!


[Edited on 09/04/07 @ 09:58 AM]

colakorn hi again,
i am playing the elves and i didn'get this one quest.
40 rounds, Nature's Way
got this tigran town, but didnt read/forgot the further task.?. so 30 rounds later the quest failed^^
i build with less hope a nature's shrine, but surprise^^ it didnt helped.

started a round with dwarves before.
seems to be balanced starting conditions.
and all in all it will be an about 5 rating scenario.

i like these unitspawn events, because the AI alone hardly surprises without mapdesigner
s help ;)

omg, while typing here there comes the quest 2 my mind... was their a near demon outpost to take out?!?

100% helpful is to write specific tasks into the quest log - saw this somewhere. maybe at ur family feud scenario? ^^
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