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Four Against the Darkness (Dwiggs)

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 5
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Four Against the Darkness

Eighteen generations ago, the Land of Edolli was beset by a scourge of demons as a result of experiments gone awry by an overambitious wizard whose name has never been uttered since. As far as anyone could ascertain, his meddling created a rift in the barrier between their plane of existence and that of Edolli.

Edolli suffered grievously for that error: more than one third of the Edollians perished before the demons were defeated and forced out of Edolli's reality. The Dwarves were nearly exterminated, as were the Elves and Frostlings. The Tigrans and Nomads, thought to be secure in their desert fastness, fared little better. The Archons, convinced that their God would not allow their obliteration, learned that he might. The Fey Folk were thought to have been expunged, although recently this was proven false; the Halflings suffered most grievously, and a new race, the Lizards, was born out of the chaos and turmoil of the sixteen decade struggle.

Those races of beings that thought to align with demonkind fared little better than their fearsome allies. The Dark Elves, descendants of Elves that sided with the demonic brethren and were thereby twisted and tainted by that association, were forced out of the light of day and underground. The orcs and goblins were scattered, driven before the forces of mankind that ultimately triumphed at such great cost.

The only group that benefited whatsoever was the Undead; all that death and destruction served their unholy ends. They too, were driven from the surface of the world and scattered. Being what they are, neither truly dead nor truly alive, they are rumored to still be plentiful and the recent increase of reports concerning them seems to bear out the warnings of the wise that they would be the ultimate winners.

Interspersed with the increase in reports of Undead sightings and depredations, there is another frightening element; there have been scattered reports of attacks by demons! Never first-hand, as there are no survivors, these reports have increased in numbers in recent months.

The last great human High King, Rory the Ravenous, had four sons. Normally this would not pose a problem in a Kingdom embracing the rule of primogeniture, where the first-born inherits. In the birthing of Rory's sons by Queen Zoe the Libidinous, protocol was tossed on its ear when she presented the King with quadruplets! The midwives, who were not prepared for a multiple birth, simply wrapped each squalling infant in swaddling and deposited them into the royal crib. When Zoe was at last finished birthing, nobody knew which had been born first. When appraised of this predicament, Rory's first reaction was to order the midwives to be impaled for their thoughtlessness; he then issued a decree that all scholars, philosophers and judges should attend him in his summer capitol of Daspir wherein he convened a High Council to solve the issue of inheritance and succession.

For six long years they argued, disputed and debated. The history books were consulted for precedent, untold numbers of sheep had their livers examined for auguries and countless fistfights waged in trying to reach a solution. Finally, the most learned mystic and ascetic of the age came down from his hermitage and pronounced his opinion. As Rory had four capitols spread roughly equidistant around the continent of Edolli, Simon the Savant recommended that each son be ensconced in his own capitol and the Kingdom divided four ways. So it was done.

Since the death of their father and liege Rory, some four months ago, the now 26 year old rulers Kwalish, Xanthor, Jerran and Kelnor have quibbled and bickered, nibbling away at each other's borders, stopping just short of all-out warfare. Each has set out to restore the ravages of the Demon Wars and enhance his holdings. In the face of the increasing reports of demon sightings and Undead depredation, an uneasy truce has settled over the land. Few believe that it is anything other than a truce of convenience, and that outright conflict between the Four Kings is inevitable once this new threat is dealt with or proven to be unimportant.

It is strongly suggested that the players refrain from rushing upon each other at the outset; doing so will almost guarantee the demise of humankind.

(Note: this zip contains both multi and single player versions of the scenario)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Just playing a Dwiggs scenario itself is fulfilling :)

Balance: 4
Some tweaking needs to be done. Firstly, Kwalish was meant to be a Water spec, I think but he is Air spec. Secondly, there are powerful (concealed!!) area guards without no warning whatsoever. Lastly, too many powerful patrols spawn once you breach the ug (atleast in the SP version)...hope that isn't the case with the MP version.

Creativity: 5
Excellent use of the Dwiggs mod. First time I've fought a Glutton Magi :))

Map Design: 4
Too many areas with same decorations - be it hills or dead trees or butterflies, etc. Gameplay-wise, excellently designed.

Story/Instructions: 4
There really is no story after the initial intro. Would be nice to have some messages about why patrols appear when ug is breached and near dangerous areas (like one area with 2 corrupt ents and elder wyvern+2 hatchlings area guards + 1 AG stack + 1 wander stack)
Edit: The event for the Demon Key is not working as expected. Better have the event for the teleport separate for separate wizards. With the present event, players will get teleported even when the other players have the key.

[Edited on 02/05/07 @ 02:48 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
this is more of my personal feelings, I am not a big fan of playing as "Humans" with the Dwiggs MOD, it has increased the fun of playing as the humans, they now have more interesting units, but I would still prefer to play as anything but human, so for me I could not give this a 5

Balance: 5
I feel the balance is very good, no matter which wizard you start with you have the same opportunities to win.

Creativity: 5
I like the concept of the world being divid by four waring brothers, the surface landscape could use more diversity, but it is a not an extra large map so I think if you tried to cram to much into it, it would have been over kill, I also think the dungeon area was done very well

Map Design: 4
This is where, the surface landscape brings the rating down a little,

Story/Instructions: 4
The concept of the game is very good, the introduction of the brothers and how the world came to be as it is, was also very nice, after that there was not much furthering the game with stories or background, but I feel that in this map you did not need much more than what was already provided, still have to rate a 4

Additional Comments:I played as Kwalish, and as "Timelord" pointed out in a previous post and I agree with him, that Kwalish should have been an Air specialist, so I changed him in my game and played him that way. also I did not run into (or did not notice) the same situation that "Timelord" had with the spawning of too many powerful patrols. I also played SP, maybe I had a later version and this situation was already addressed.

KASKOID-- do not think because all ratings were not 5's that I did not enjoy this, I think it was a very good map, and I hope you will make many, many more, I personally think the dwiggs MOD has added an additional flavor to the game, and I would love to see more maps made for this MOD. I hope to see more maps from you, THANKS

[Edited on 04/03/07 @ 06:06 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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