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Race To Death - Rise Of Evil

Author File Description
King David
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: L
Levels: 3
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 6
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
Shadow Minimap:

For those who are familiar with the R2D world, this map will be entirely new, though the surface retains a slight resemblance to the original layout in a few ways (it's all been completely altered, however). The underground bears no resemblance whatsoever to the underground in the original R2D games. The shadow layer is used only for independent, AOW1-style dungeon crawls. The teleporters you see on the map are only used as gateways to the dungeon crawls.

The AI on this map is not limited in movement like Walker was on the original R2D maps. In Single Play testing, play seems to be quite challenging. For PBEM, this map is ideal for experienced players who enjoy spending time on their turns. I don't think two games will be alike. I would suggest beginning a game in FFA (that actually goes with the base story line) and making diplomacy decisions according to the need to collaborate in defeating the AI. Story line follows :


A long time ago. Long before volcanoes forced their way through the Land's crust and spit their lava like molten blood upon the forests and rivers below. Long before the Land's populace lived in submission of the sweet and mind numbing Opium produced and disbursed by he who would come to be called "Walker".

Long before all of this tragic history comes to pass, these Lands were covered over by a delicate blanket of clean snow and ice and inhabited by a people who had over time evolved to acquire genetic predisposition to their habitat, much superior beings to their distant and low-riding cousins, the Northerling Humans.

This race of people came to be known as the Frostlings, and though they kept to themselves, it was known that they had evolved a wholesome civilization in which no brother or sister hungered or wanted, for the Frostling mindset was built around the assumption that the strongest nation must be the one that demonstrates the highest value in the sum of its parts. And so did the Frostling Nation endure, and did no other race deem it worthwhile to venture too close for much of a look.

And then one day strange red flowers began to appear, surrounded by melted snow and receding ice. It was learned that these flowers were poppies, grown naturally only in much warmer climes. They began to appear more quickly, accompanied at increasing rate by other strange new grasses and vegetation, followed by creatures and peoples the likes of which had not been until then witnessed by Frostling eye.

As the snow melted and receded, the citizens of the Frostling Nation entered into panic, packing their valuables and scattering in a chase to pursue the rapidly diminishing winter habitat. Eventually, a lone hero by the name of Bytor emerged and organized the scattered remnants of the Frostling Nation. He herded them all to Cold Mountain, the only place left that offered the habitat necessary to the Frostling peoples. The Frostling Citizens banded together and, once organized, nominated Bytor as their official Leader.

And then Bytor learned the horrible secret upon which hung the remaining winterlands inhabitable by his people. He was visited by a ghost in a nightmare who showed him that the Snows had not melted naturally. The Ghost showed Bytor many other things that he had not known, and before the sun had arisen, the Ghost had proffered Bytor an option. Seeing it as the only means to preserving what little remained of the Frostling Nation, and with the hope of restoring at least a part of that which had been lost, Bytor accepted the offer and Sold His Soul.

How does it all turn out? Yawnnn....I can't recall.... Even as I type these words, the pen slips from my fingertips and my eyes close in exhaustion. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to finish the story, or perhaps by then you will have figured it out how it ends for yourself.


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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
gerd One question:
I've defeated Bytor and explored all levels of the map. Walker is the only opponent. He has no more towns but units were coming out of the void every turn. What is to do to win this map? There is no more hex to explore!
King David
File Author
Thanks to all for taking the time to comment :-)

Gerd - I'm confused :o If Walker has no more towns, he must be wandering around the map somewhere, though that doesn't make sense as I've never seen an AI Wizard leave a tower! You should be able to win after killing Walker. However, if you are playing with Allied victory off, and there is another AI player, you'll have to kill them to ;)

gerd Tried to find walker somewhere on the map to finish the scenario. If he is there he is not moving! So I see no chance to make it.

@King David:
I defeated Bytor when he was outside the tower. Here the same thing happens. Bytor didn't have any town but when I defeated him he was out of the game.
However, your map is well designed and I like scenarios when they are not easy!

The hardest map I ever played was Nordic Star from webusver. If you are looking for a challenge try it! But be prepared to get frustrated!
morgul666 One more comment from my side after having read Gerd´s problem:

One turn after "killing" Bytor I had the problem, that when I finished my turn (and the last two AI´s Bytor and Walker were finished as well) no next turn came up!
There was a short pause but no next turn with new mesaages and so on came...
I didn´t know, what to do and so I had to bite the bullet and did the fight a second time...
(this time I lost both maidens, grrrr!)

Suspecting, it might be a problem with the new patch (maybe because of the great eagle and the woodwyrm you get as reward) I didn´t accept their join offer in this, but only in the next turn, which this time came up together with Walkers new proclamations ;-)!
From then, everything worked fine (up to now...)

So, possibly, there is something wrong with this scenario but I don´t know what it is...

Gerd: I know Nordic Star ;-) You are right - it´s at least as hard as Marlenes Gnade - it´s been a long time when I played it so I couldn´t remember...
King David
File Author
Map updated 01 June 2006.

Fixed a bug relating to the Altar of the Origin of Storms. Also reduced the probablity of units joining a bit, for both Altars (Storm and Fire).

Removed Casting Specialist from a hat (this was causing a crash) and changed a few other item abilities. Please let me know if you come across any particular item that doesn't work.

Made a few minor changes to the guard strenght of some of the Fortresses (strong to average).

Thanks for playing ;)

[Edited on 06/01/06 @ 04:07 PM]

Roger the Rampant This map is amazing! Not only is it the first map I've seen for yonks where I've been looking at a lot of things on the map and been thinking "How on earth did he make it look like THAT?", but also I can't ever remember a map before where every turn takes so much thought and concentration over how to proceed, right from day 1. Absolutely brilliant!
tumult There's a bug with the joining units after taking Cold Mountain. The next turn will not start.
After disbanding those units, there's no problem.

The AI takes a long time to finish his turns (about 10 minutes while I'm doing nothing). And it seems to be increasing as the game progresses. I'm now around turn 65-70. Is everyone experiencing this?

Otherwise highly recommendable map that challenges your strategic play. A pity though that the other AI's die out so quickly against Walker and Bytor. The more on the battle field the merrier :)

[Edited on 06/13/11 @ 02:22 PM]

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