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RR5 Mod

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Roger the Rampant Following a lot of discussion with the online community, these are the changes that we have agreed on to date:

Stat changes for units/summons:

1) Human chaplains have leadership II at start, III at silver and IV at gold
2) 36mp for knights and no block
3) Doomwolf reduced from 50 to 48mp
4) Red dragon loses cold weakness, but also loses 1dmg
5) Blurred on gold for sphinx
6) 32mp for mystic (not 28)
7) 32mp for beholder (not 28)
8) Fairy dragon receives magic immunity on gold medal, not silver
9) Made treeman a good unit
10) Leprechaun loses holy strike on silver
11) Made gargoyle a good unit
12) Steam tank has 36mp
13) Saints cost 150 (not 170)
14) Titan down to 32mp
15) Paladin down to 36mp
16) Incarnates cost 280 (not 300), and have 7 dmg not 5
17) Wyvern rider +2 hp
18) Butcher +2 res
19) Block on silver medal for wolf rider
20) Wasteland concealment for vampire on silver
21) Vision 1 for fairy, healing on silver medal
22) Phoenix: -1 def, -2 hp
23) Lurker +4mp (to 32), cost increased to 40
24) Hell hound loses 1hp (to 12), and night vision at gold
25) Bone dragon +8 hp, changed lifestealing to regeneration
26) Dire boar +4mp
27) Efreet: removed MM1 at silver and MM2 at gold, leaving MM1 at gold
28) Water elemental back to 1.3 stats
29) Removed fire weakness from ice dragon and giant wyrm
30) Gold dragon cost increased by 20
31) Black dragon cost increased by 20
32) Desert concealment for prowler on silver
33) Giant warrior having 32mp
34) Lord costing 315 instead of 320, +1 dam
35) Harvester costs 160 (not 170)
36) All wizards have 6att, 6 dam and 30hp

Ability changes:

37) Grasp increased to 18 att / 13 dmg (not 17/12)
38) Ram attack increased from 12 to 16

Spell changes:

39) Blazing comet damage reduced from 9 to 8, cost increased from 8 to 10
40) Liquid form: cost reduced from 40 to 30, upkeep reduced from 7 to 5
41) Animate hero cost reduced from 150 to 120
42) Windwalking cost reduced from 50 to 40, upkeep reduced from 8 to 6
43) Skin of oil cost increased from 8 to 10, reduced to –1 –1 –1 –1 and fire weakness
44) Banish summoned cost increased from 20 to 25
45) Bind summoned cost increased from 40 to 50
46) Venomous spit reduced to 8 damage (not 10)
47) Resurrect hero cost increased from 110 to 120, research increased from 150 to 200
48) Dark gift upkeep lowered from 4 to 3
49) Hellfire –1 att and –2 dmg

Wizard skill picks:
50) All wizard skills have research cost 500 except enchanter 400, technophobe still gives 2 extra sphere picks, pacifist excludes war mage, bureaucrat and decadence no longer exclude merchant and survivalist

Building changes:
51) War shrine returned to 1.3 stats
52) Champs guild reduced from 240 to 220
53) Tower guard increased to 18 att, price goes back up to 100

Simply unzip it into \user\resources, change to RR5 in AoWSMSetup.exe, restart the game and away you go. Make your views on possible improvements known NOW at,2100,,20
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Arbiter Mundi Well at last I want some changes on your mod, but it is not so important.There is everything else so damn good but...Incarnate.
I would want that incarnate gets attack 17 in possesion instead of 16.16 is too low to posses better creatures.
Well as I said this change is not so important and you are the one makes the change you want.(In gold incarnate could get phyiscal immunity :D)
Arbiter Mundi The last on was joke. :)
Griffith Rating: 3.5
U have my list on what i dont like about this. The con's pretty much overcome the pro's. Most of all i dont like changes on Knight and Bone Dragon.

[Edited on 02/24/06 @ 01:50 AM]

Roger the Rampant
File Author
By rating this all you are doing is passing comment on the wishes of the online community, as the mod simply reflects their wishes

Also your comment is based on RR5, and we have already moved on beyond RR5 in our quest for the perfect online mod :)
kriminal99 The online community, to have any signifigance, must include everyone that ever has or ever will play online. Therefore people like me and the above poster's opinion regarding your mod is just the online community commenting on a mod made by a few specific people who are in agreement. Personally I find it annoying for an "online community" to use their primitive reasoning to start monkeying around with game mechanics, knowing that the original designers MAY have balanced the game using careful mathematical analysis. (as they do in good games) However since it is a mod and not a patch, have fun with it :)
Griffith ..

[Edited on 09/25/06 @ 09:40 PM]

Rating: 3.5
U have my list on what i dont like about this. The con's pretty much overcome the pro's. Most of all i dont like changes on Knight and Bone Dragon.
Generally very good changes to gameplay, I´d put this mod over MP-mod 1.7. Cheers to RR and other participants.

[Edited on 09/11/08 @ 04:33 PM]

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