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Unofficial Patch v1.4

Author File Description
(id: swolte)
This is meant as a patch for Age of Wonders-Shadow Magic. The aim is wide acceptance by the AoW-community. These changes are intended to become your default.

Check the FAQ on the main discussion forums for more information. Here is a idea of what it does:


Especially for the multiplayer community (online and pbem), small balance changes can have significant effects and can keep the interest in the game healthy and alive on a competitive level.
Balance changes are modest and strongly in line with the standard version. Consequences for all types of play are taken into account (Online, pbem and against the AI) and are aimed at promoting unit diversity and the use of creative strategies.

* Changes to units.
Balance changes to fix under- and overpowered units/races. Unit abilities may also be adapted, and expanded (entangle strike, gas breath, extra strike, healing-2, leadership IV).

* Changes to spells.
Removed spells that did not work and tweaked over- and underpowered spells.

* Changes to heroes.
Implemented small changes to upgrades and make the classes play more distinctive (like giving warriors more hp, most existing mods have already addressed this). Increased their role on the battlefield.

* Changes to quest rewards, (recruitment/ city/ income) structures and their defenders.
Changed the effects of structures that did not work (archon special building) and tweaked any over- and underpowered city buildings or rewards (made the item-forge more competitive, for example). Rebalanced shrines and rewards!

* Racial Priests/Monks.
This meant the replacement of some of the current monks and priest by graphics and abilities that suit the race better.
These are the units created by the monastery. For example, this means that a dwarven priest will look like a dwarf and have mountaineering.

* 4 new wonderful Maps.
These are maps that will come with the patch. They will show some of the new editor features that will otherwise not be available when playing the game. They are made by some of the best mapmakers of the community.


Especially mapmakers and single-players are treated the most with these additions. Note that none of the existing possibilities are altered or changed. These changes can be considered as bonuses and have no effect on playing existing maps. Mapmakers can add them at will, the advantage is that a lot of work by fans and hidden opportunities of mapmakers will now be directly supported and easily accessible by everyone!!

* Adds new units.
Over a 120 new units, either recolored or remade! Only the very best made it in and were judged by a Jury!
Criteria would be that they must have a professional and authentic feel!

* Adds hero portraits, item pictures and additional event images that will now all be supported by the game.

* New looking (TC)-structures and terraintiles.
This will mean the addition of new terraintiles and recruitment structures, like iglo's or inns. We will also have new Healing Houses, dungeons, income structures and ruins to explore! Not to forget the tons of new terrainfeatures!

* Descriptions.
This means the:
- refinement and elaboration of existing descriptions for abilities/spells and structures.
- The making of unit descriptions for the extra units.
- The translations into different 3 different languages (German, Polish and French).

**********THE CORE TEAMS**********

* Balance Team
This team was responsible for the balance changes made to the units, cities and spells. The composition is similar to the one involved in the balancing for the original game.
- Swolte
- Arnout
- Jomungur
- Evil Roc
- Darkmystery

* Unit/structure design Team
This 'team' created the extra units and structures for the game!
- PawelS
- Swolte
- FireGolem
- King David
- The_Groll
- Timelord
- TurboBeholder

* Technical support
- PawelS
- Magog
- Climber

* Writers- Team
This team wrote the descriptions and translations for units that are new to the game (priests, editor units). Unit building-descriptions are also be adapted!
- BerenV
- Timelord
- King David

- Knallwinkel (German)
- Alrik Fassbauer (German)
- Final Bolt (German)
- PawelS (Polish)
- Hatifnat (Polish)
- Valenhart (Polish)
- Fromage67 (French)
- Bardiel (French)
- Carmina (French)

* Authenticity Jury -Team
This jury decided whether new unit graphics will enter the game. They also provided feedback of the units. This was done by means of voting!
- Gandalf_DK
- Greenmonster
- Pitface
- King David
- Horza666
- Hiranu

* Mapmaking Team
This team made the maps that are shipped with the patch.
- King David (Return of the Lizards)
- Swolte (Return of the Lizards)
- Horza666 (Choice of weapons)
- The_Stranger (Baffled Intentions)
- The_Groll (Secrets of Marlenia)

That's it!
There are a lot more people that have contributed to this immense project that lasted 11 months from start to finish!

Have FUN!!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Deo Go
Rating: 5

Very very good.. thanks you all :-) It's a just add-on, that make good AOW2SM game and editor more better and more beautiful..

Rating: 5
Not only do you get a ton of new units and terrain tiles, you also get four beautiful new maps to play in! Granted, they're pretty goshdarn tough, but Swolte just uploaded a revised version of Return of the Lizards. So if we all complain loud enough, we might get easy versions of all the maps! :D

What does it add? For one thing, a heck of a lot more placeables will change color when placed on different terrains. Also, there are now recolored mountains for the steppe, desert and beach--in addition to the existing ones. The beach recolors look especially great; they have a sort of washed-out appearance. Very nice.

One last thing: At first, I was a little disappointed to see that almost nothing was added to the shadowland, but considering how much else there is, it's not a huge deal, and not worth docking points for.
And I've got to say that Return of the Lizards is probably my favorite of the four maps, if only because it doesn't have a novel's worth of backstory to wade through.

Additional Comments:

Darn, I wanted to be the first reviewer..:p
Rating: 5

No question, the best thing to happen to AOW2 since SM.

This should be the defacto standard for the game from which all other mods and maps should rise.

whole new structures, the addition of placeable walls on the world map, new heroes, new terrain, almost a new game though with enough of the fundamentals in place so as not to offend aow2:sm purests.
rat_peddler The new maps posted are all very well done and mostly challenging. No technical problems with any of them. I was able to win all of them but two only after a long hard haul.

I really enjoyed Return of the Lizards (except for the very start) and Secrets of Marlenia. They both made me think to come up with a strategy that would be successful.

Choice of Weapons was too easy with default computer AI assigned and fairly restrictive in how it had to be played.

Baffled Intentions was too busy for my tastes. It became hard to see where you are going and what is on the map. Maybe it is just my older eyes.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments: Wow! Congratulations to all who were involved! This is a great update. It is more than 1.4 is more like 2.0 !

Thanks again to all to make us all benefit from it.
Silvarea edit: remove comment as I felt it didn't belong.

The "Knight" is way over powered and historically not accurate... In the Middle Ages the archer was the scourge of the Knight and is the main reason the knight disappeared from the battle field..

Even in such fantasy as the "Lord of the Ring's" the archer held sway. It only took one archer to bring down the Elephont which in turn was taking out hordes of horsemen, only vast numbers of mounted horsemen could withstand the archers assault..

The treatment of making the Knight's defense, againist archers, the same as he has againist Dragons is uncalled for and way over powering in the seige of a town! Actually that defense should be againist the foot soldier as that is what the knight held sway over not the archer!

IE: 5 archers, 1 swordmen againist 1 Knight..
from the breaking of the gate the Knight took out the swordman and then one archer per turn.. Over the course of the battle the archer's did a total of 4 points of damage to the Knight, whereas if this had been real one 1 arrow would of stopped the knight!

All you math wizard's can figure out how many total shots the 5 archers had at the knight over the time the the battle took place and this is not counting all the shots they had prior to the gate falling!, oh wait you can't as it took 2 or 3 turns to get past the gate!

When I patched to 1.4and prior to the patch closing another patch opened up "UGPM 1.5" what
did it do?, and was it supposed to happen? I may have the letters out of order and I downloaded the patch from this site..

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 09:04 PM]

(id: swolte)
File Author
Yes, the UGPM was correct, this is what makes extra units.

Historically, the age of the Knight did not end with the coming of archery, but with gunpowder. Archery was around before that a long time! Except for specifically, very well trained archers (it took years to learn and shoot a bow and arrow with a strength able to penetrate the thick armor: the late middle ages was also a time of specialization and professionalism!), the knight would be better (or as well) protected from projectiles then many other a soldier.
The weakness is in the resistance, that is low. The speed of the heavy knight is also lowered.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments: No doubt it's 5! Though a bit too enthusiastic with too much just recolored units it's a great piece of work. To realize the greatness, it's needed to try to make something "the same". Then it becomes clear, what was made. Now it's even a surprise for me, why this was called just a "patch". Actually it's the "addon", even with additional scenarios.
Though it keeps the old balance and some features are arguable, this "patch" is a solid base for fans to make their new mods, based on 1.4. resources.
Rating: 5
Great changes and balances... and this update should be installed by everyone looking for increased content, game value and trying these new maps.

Additional Comments:
Looking forward to patch_1.5 !
I'm currently working on a few XL_maps.
Rating: 5

Excellent work by the patch-team!

Currently I'm working on a map with the new patch and I must say its really exciting to see all the new stuff you've made.

In my oppinion, the best part of the patch is definitly the huge amount of extra units to choose from. This gives me the opportunity to make a lot of special, custom units using the graphics provided by the patch-team. Since these units cannot be produced i cities, they can add a lot to a good story, by making them appear in events, where a few special creatures can join you. You can even make individual creatures this way - GREAT!

The only downside as I see it are some of the graphics in 'places'. A few of them are a to big for my taste or the collors are not 'right'.
But this is a vey little thing and it does NOT take anything away from your absolute stunning work. So thanks a lot for this great patch.

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