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Lighthawk's Mod 0.91

Author File Description
Kris Lighthawk LIGHTHAWK'S MOD Version 0.91

What's new in version 0.91

Racial buildings now cost 300 gold (+50)
Sacred Wrath is now one shot with 20 att and 4 dam (I found that Sacred Wrath is hard coded to only one shot so, my 3 shot 1 dam idea did not work...)
All heroes has +2 res.
I have taken a closer look at all the default heroes and improved the worst ones with new abilities.
Longbow Archery now has 11 att (-1) and elf and dark elf longbow men now cost 50 gold (+5)
Venomous Spit now only does 3 dam (-1), Lurkers now has 13 hp (-1) and Slithers has lost one marksmanship level.
Trolls now cost 180 gold (+20) and has only 8 res (-2)
Centaurs has been changed back to the default version (no strike)
Charioteers now has no strike and cost only 80 gold (-10)
Flamers don't get Fire Bolts at silver and now cost 45 gold (+5)
The Djinn now has True Seeing
All Tigran heroes now has Forestry again.


Just extract the zip file to your Age of Wonders Shadow Magic folder (reuse old folders).
Then use AoWSMSetup, Enable Custom Resources and change Default to Lighthawk's mod.
You can now play the mod, it works with campaign and all normal scenarios.

If you what the "new" ability "Longbow Archery" to actually be called "Longbow Archery" and not "Shoot Black Javelin" you
has 2 options.

1. If the language you are using in AoW:SM is english and you don't use other mods that change names of abilities, spells or races, you can just take copy the ResStr.mld file from theUserResourcesLighthawk's mod folder and overwrite the same file in the Dict folder
Make sure the language in AoWSMSetup is set to English

2. You can modify the ResStr.mld yourself with MLDEdit.exe witch is included in this mod and you will find in your basic AoW:SM folder.
See instructions how to use MLDEdit.exe at the bottom of this page.


Lighthawk's mod can be played with the campaign and all normal AoW:SM scenarios, it is also possible to continue saved games from the default AoW:SM with my mod and even to continue saved games from my mod with the default AoW:SM. That, however can create a number of problems:
Units in a saved can never lose abilities they already have by change of mod, so some units can end up with abilities they was not supposed have, witch can make some units too strong or weak (or just strange).
This means you will have to be very careful to use the right mod if you are playing PBEM games with both my mod and the the default AoW:SM.
A few units has became a lot stronger or weaker than the used to, this can create balance problems in scenarios that depend on many pre placed units of those types . (Units that are much stronger in my mod: Paladins, Fairies, Djinns, Black Spiders and Unicorns. Units that are a lot weaker: Charioteers and Slavers)


-I have generally tried to improve the balance of the game and to make every unit, spell and city production useful.
-I have also tried to improve diversity by making races, units, spells and abilities more unique
-I have improved the heroes and wizard, and made it more difficult to quickly kill them early in battles, as it is often seen in online games.
-Every unit gain a nice ability when they get a gold medal.
-Wizard towers and their upgrades are cheaper and will provide some mana and research.
-Most level 2-4 summoned units are stronger.
-You will get all the spells of a sphere if you specialize in that sphere.


Every unit gain a nice ability when they get a gold medal.
Some units has not been changed other than that, and many of those that has been changed has only been changed a little, but a few units has been changed a lot.
Some units has been changed because I wanted to make useless units more useful or in rare cases because I wanted to make overpowered units weaker. Some has been changed to make the units or the races they belong to more unique, and a few has been change just because I didn't liked how they was made...
When I have changed units, I have generally tried to make them more like those units was in AoW1.
See the excel file for details about the changes to every unit in the mod.


I have tried to balance the spells, so that (almost) all spells will be useful.
All Spheres has exactly 5 spells of each level. This has been done to ensure that you get all the spells of a sphere if you specialize in that sphere. Any leftover spells has been moved to the cosmos sphere.
Summoned units are always stronger than normal units of the same level.
Wizard towers and tower upgrades are cheaper and produce some mana and research.
See the excel file for details about spells and summoned units.


Some Abilities has been changed to make them more unique and/or realistic.
3 "new" ranged abilities (Longbow Archery, Lightning Bolts and Gas Breath) has been added and 2 unused strike abilities (Extra Strike and Entangle Strike) are now used.
All breath attacks can now be used after a units used up all its movement. That should end all discussion about if it is ok or not to run away from dragons so they can't breath on you, because that's no longer possible!
Breath attacks generally also do more damage, so they are a lot more dangerous and useful than in the default game.
See the excel file for details about Abilities


I have tried to balance productions so that all productions will be worth building.
Champion's Guild, Master's Guild, Sanctuary and racial buildings all cost 300 gold, that should delay the production of level 3 and 4 units.
Wizard towers and tower upgrades are cheaper. Hopefully that will make players (and the AI!) build extra towers to safeguard their wizard and expand their domain.
See the excel file for details about Productions


The wizard has been made harder to kill, so it will be difficult to kill him in the first round of battle as it is poplar to do in online games. He now has 12 def, 20 res and 30 hp, but only 6 att and 4 dam.
The wizard has also got a few new abilities (Magic Bolts and Dispel Magic) to use when he run out of casting points...

Heroes has generally been made stronger, mostly by giving them more hp, so they are more difficult to kill with spells.
All warriors has +8 hp, +2 res and +3 points distributed among att, def, and dam.
All rogues, rangers and paladins has +5 hp and +2 res, and rangers has +4 movement and forestry
All priests and shamans has +4 hp and +3 res.
Frostling heroes no longer has fire weakness, Tigran heroes no longer has forestry, Orc heroes has one extra hp, and Shadow Demon heroes are now mounted.
All heroes also has all the same race specific abilities (like Mountaineering, Night Vision and Protections), as the base units of their race has.
All heroes can gain many new, interesting and powerful abilities when leveling up.


All the most useless items has been improved.


Lighthawk's mod makes a lot of changes to the game, but most of those changes are small, and unlike most other mods, the core game play should be very much the same (just improved). Any player that is new to the mod, should be able to play reasonably well when using it.
I have no intentions for my mod to compete with mods that change the game a lot, and I expect that I myself will play such mods from time to time.
It is my hope that "the AoW community" will accept my mod almost as if it was a patch 1.4 and pretty much stop playing the default AoW. I am therefore willing to making (almost) any change according to "popular demand", and I would like to hear about any suggestion anyone may have how to improve my mod
Should my mod became reasonable popular I plan to add some new units to it (First, racial priests and one more level 3 unit to every race, later, one more level 1, 2 and 4 unit to every race).


-Start MLDEdit.exe
-Select File - open
-Select ResStr.mld, open it
-Enter Shoot Black Javelin in the search field and click ok
-Type Longbow Archery in the English column, or whatever that translate into in the language you are using
-Select File - save
-Close Program
-Make sure the language in AoWSMSetup is set to English (or whatever language you are using)
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Rating: 5
A real nice mod.

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