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Race to Death - Walker's Crusade

Author File Description
King David
File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 7
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Advanced
Password Protected: No
For countless Lir Years, Walker was entertained in oblivious isolation by the repeated attacks of eager young counterinsurgents who threw themselves and their armies upon the Isle of the Unholy See in futile attempts to depose the Unholy One. Inevitably, such attempts failed and the bones of the deceased accumulated in piles across the Land.

Yet through the fog of war, Walker was able to detect the persistance etched into the faces of those who would dethrone him, and he was mildly impressed by the ever-growing numbers of martyrs the rebel forces were able to muster from the forests and canyons and darkened corners of the Land, and as time wore on did he grow increasingly weary of the constant seiges laid upon him, and so did he reach into the annals of history and devise a plan that would not only put an end once and for all to the resistance, but which would at the same time constitute a much more entertaining pastime for the Legions of the Undead.

And so did Walker form the plan for his Unholy Crusade. It was based upon two fundamental strategic pillars:

1) The decentralization of his here-to-fore highly centralized command system - Standing "guard" orders were lifted across the Realm, and Field Officers were granted new powers of decision-making that would allow their troops to better anticipate and react to localized rebel movements.

2) The construction of infrastructure that would allow Walker to take his Unholy Crusade to the rebels - Four new cities were founded at the four cardinal points on the Isle of the Unholy See, and bridges, fabricated from the bones of the fallen, were constructed between the Isle and the Mainland. The Unholy Forces would now be able to conduct troop movements with ease to all corners of the Land. Furthermore, Water Caverns were opened in the moat around the Unholy See, and these Caverns would greatly facilitate the patrolling of the waters both above and below ground.

The rebel forces are six, each with his or her own grudges to bear against Walker, and these six shall surely suffer the brutal misery of Walker's Unholy Crusade, unless they find within themselves the capacity to temporarily lay aside any individual differences that may divide them, until the Unholy One has been banished to the Eternal Void. Even as they analyze their options, sightings of the Black Flag of Walker's Crusade are reported with increasing regularity across the Land. There is no more use for discussion, only action will suffice now. Stand Tall or Suffer!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
It may be that my PC is just to slow, but at least in classic turn mode the ai takes incredibly long to finish its move. I was agreably surprised to find the undead challenging yet not swamping me.
Balance: 3
The ai allies seem way to inactive. Are they meant to be cannonfodder on "Lord"?

Creativity: 4
Nice to find a story that breaks the usual good/bad fight for eternal dominance cast. Also, nicely fit in scripted events.

Map Design: 4
Having tried in vain to create a playable map, I appreciate both effort and result which went into this map.

Story/Instructions: 3
As said above, this is a quite creative storyline.

Additional Comments:
Even though gameplay on my PC is a crawl, I will probably play this one again. Thanks. Fluesterwitz.
(id: swolte)
Map Design5.0
I believe the previous review was based on someone playing this single player, gonna boost the rating of this gem somewhat from a multiplayer perspective! :p

Playability: 5
I've played the original version (in that one the AI was more problematic!) but this can only be an improvement!
The design creates a very interesting game, as all the wizards start with strong units (meaning lots of reliable armies running around) and are around Walker.

Balance: 5
Is always difficult on nonsymmetrical maps with different races. Especially having units that can resist undead will have an advantage. For example, frostling have a really hard time facing spectres if they don't get enchant weapon. In the late game, smart use of Airgalleys can kill entire stacks of Reapers and BoneHorrors.
Still, though not being a boring symmetrical map, the starting positions are very similar and allow a very fun game! Thats what most important and that is what this map achieves!

Creativity: 5
A true labour of love!
A lot of detail and trickery in terrain! The story is very original!

Map Design: 5
Varied, detailed and beautiful..
King David is one of the few Shadow Magic mapmakers in the world that is capable of creating maps like these!

Story/Instructions: 5
I think he is a professional writer, I don't think he wants to admit it, but I think so. And if he isn't, he should be! ;)

Additional Comments:

Keep 'm coming like this, please!
Map Design5.0
This is a 5.0 map, no doubt. The graphic details are amazing, the story is great and the AI is challenging but not impossible. Sometimes turns are a bit slow, but I've seen much worse. And you always have the very well written wizard and hero descriptions to read while the AI moves...

I played single player as the orcs, btw.
Map Design5.0
Thats the word for this map.

From both, single-player and multi-player perspectives, this is a beautiful map that can be played without losing interest midway - and playing as any of the races.
Those heroes' descriptions are really amazing and the terrain has been given such thorough attention to detail!!

Truly a great map.
Map Design5.0
I have played this map as several races, and each time found it to be an enjoyable and diverse experience. Conditions are balanced for each race, but not exact replicas of each other, which prevents the "vanilla" effect: i.e. every race feels like every other.

The heroes are fun, the instructions are funny,the story line is clever and insightful, and the Spanish signs are great! King David is also a master at making visually interesting and attractive maps that have a magical ambience about them. The terrain fits the lands it represents and enriches the map by giving it a vibrant, colourful face :-)

On my computer, the game runs smoothly. The ai seems pretty agressive, and I enjoy the city development element that the game provides.

Everything in the map seems to be customized, from the heroes (and hero descriptions!) to the items and cities. The quests are also interesting and fit the story themes.

This is a great map from one of the best map makers. Thank you for all the maps you have shared with the community, King David. In my opinion, this is the best yet...and also the best available for download at Heaven Games.



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Map Design4.8
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Size:342.06 KB