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Climber's Generic MOD v2.05

Author File Description
Climber (Re)Play any PBEM, RMG, Standard Campaign or Custom Scenario, using 120+ new & unique units (70 new graphics, 50 recolored units)

This MOD is basically an unofficial expansion pack for AOWSM. Includes unique Racial heroes, ships, priests. 1 to 2 new ChampionGuild, Racial and Level 4 units are added to Each race.

A few races like Goblins, Nomads, Shadow Demon, Undead, Syron and Draconian is completely unique and different from the standard AOWSM rules.

Added several dozens unique heroes, some with inherent spells like Hellfire etc.

Easy (Un)Installation. Complete documentation of changes made. Each race is unique from another but still quite balanced.

Now using Setup.bat will allow quick switch between the Default Custom Resource and Climber MOD. If you are using ClimberMOD, any MP, PBEM, RMG, Standard Campaign or Custom Scenario will allow new units/changes enabled in this MOD. So this will allow you to replay them with new units, if you like.

Please note that this ver1.0 MOD will corrupt the save game of my ver 0.8 MOD.

Save game of v2.0 is compatible to v1.x

This mod contains efforts of some fantastic people in this forum! I am always open to suggestion/addition/modification. Try it out and comment! Your contribution will be recognized.

Whenever you download a new version of, please run %AOWSM%setup.bat once to update the changes being made.

V2.0X Installation Procedure:

Download 3 zip files:
If you did not have the previous Climber MOD version installed, you will also need the previous ILBs.

D. Unzip all those files to %aowsm% directory, make sure all files is unzipped according to the .zip files' directory structure. There are some files located at the %aowsm%\images\Portraits etc., so location is important, usually Winzip will automatically take care of these.

E. However, in ILB Pack2, I've forgot to include the directory structure; Therefore if you found any C?_???????.ilb files not located in %AOWSM%\Images\Units directory (but at the e.g. %AOWSM% directory instead), move them there.

F. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the %AOWSM% directory, run the setup.bat file, by double-clicking it

G. Press the 1 key on your keyboard. Wait & let it run. Those aow2p_30.exe or upgm_gui.exe should run automatically. If that does not work and you see error msg, you should "run this manually by starting the UGPM_gui tool, load the CLIMBER_SCRIPT and converted them manually."

H. Run %AOWSM%aowsetup.exe
I. Change Resource to "Climber"

Then you are all done for my mod, you can play RMG maps, or MOST downloaded scenarios here (although I found there are indeed some exception)

If still does not work you should post the content of %aowsm%\aowsmlog.txt here for me to see what happen, AFTER you try running the game at least once.

---> Check the forum, I'd dwell there to answer question from time to time.

To switch between ClimberMOD v2.x and (Default) AOWSM rule, you need to run the AOWSetup.exe program in your %AOWSM% directory
Make sure "Custom Resources" is checked
Change "Default" to Climber to play any map using ClimberMOD
Change "Default" to (Default) to revert back to normal AOWSM rule

Revision History:

Update from v2.0 to v2.05
Add back the climbersrcipt.txt; before that, there is installation problem
Add the 1 lair units into almost each Hunt Infidel unit collection
All gold overland structures +10gp income/day (upped from +5gp in v2.0)

Update from v1.5 to v2.0
Added around 50 new lair monsters
Each lair/node/etc has new monsters
fixed a few wizard, heroes
fixed undead skull
easier installation, just using AOWSMSetup to change the mod from (Default) to Climber is enuf
updated installation script, use PawelS' ahr_val.exe
take out ice troll from Frostling's racial building, use Ice Daemon instead
added BardSkill to PlagueSpreader/Priest, so globin has less morale problem due to panic
added Cocktaice to Draconian WarHall
spell ward spell removed
syron FreeMason moved to builder's hall, added Changeling & build Watch Tower ability, USE IT
Metamorphsis, morh into Harvester, instead of Lord
All gold overland structures +5gp income/day

Version 1.0 -> 1.05
Added dozens excellent unit description created by Blind Thrall

Version 1.05 -> 1.10
Almost all units have description now
Various balance changes

Version 1.10 -> 1.15
Added 5 new units Frostling Hydra, Freezing Orb, Orcish Climber, Cyclop, Elvish Lancer
Added lots of Wizard description (Blind Thrall)
Fixed Lady of Pain gfx

Version 1.15 -> 1.50
Add back Astra's strike
Tons of changes to Structure costs, make Racial & CG a different path
Make Wizard more durable
Slight increase in hero's Resis
Use the Windblow mod to allow better spell allocation

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The_Stranger Hello Climber and thank you for the mod. The range of new graphics and units is exciting. But some of the units graphics are not showing up for me: i.e. warlock, general, and charlatan for humans, as well as the phantom for the dark elves, among others. They are not in either units or unit bodies. Also, some of the heroes do not have graphics. Have I failed to extract something?
File Author
I am 80% sure that ugpm_gui.exe does not run properly in the automatic mode. You can try running ugpm_gui.exe manually, this is the program I use to those units you've mentioned.

1. Double click ugpm_gui.exe located at your %AOWSM%, to run it
2. On the left hand side, select %AOWSM%climber_script.txt
3. On the top menu, pull down the menu ToolsCreate all units

The program should run and many Syron/Ffrostling/etc units will be created in the %AOWSM%ImagesUnit directory.

If you still having problem, pull down menu OptionsAOW Directories, to set the %AOWSM% directory.

Let me know what language is your Windows using. It seems like this is caused by non-eng Windows.

Also give me your opinion of the MOD, so I can improve it.
The_Stranger Your directions worked perfectly, thanks. I'll give the mod some more extensive comments and possibly a review once I get a chance to play some games with it (starting now! :-)

Thank you again.
Blind Thrall Black Death doesn't show up in combat.Don't know if it's intentional.
(id: Sul the Just)
Rating: 5
Wow! A totally different game, really. I love the Syrons now -- they're all I play, since the Elves are rather weak now. Well done on the descriptions and on the diversity of units. Love the Nature Guardian!
In terms of balance, it is possible to win playing any race against any race (as far as I can tell).
Creativity is high, the units are varied.

[Edited on 07/08/04 @ 03:20 PM]

Disclaimer: since Climber is going to continue modding this mod, I will probably have to re-review it. Such as it is, though, I will make some general comments.

First, the author's claim that this is an unnofficial x-pack is justified. There are lots of new units and many of them address certain weakness in the various races. For example, the Syrons get a very nice flying unit, as do the Goblins, while the Haflings get a good melee unit. Some of the unit costs and abilities need to be tweaked, but fan play testing will give the author some helpful feedback. Also, a few units feel a bit repetitive, but the majority of them (and there are a lot) are very distinct and useful. Climber definitely isn't just making more units to have them around. For me, having new options to try out and strategies to accompany them is quite fun.

Racial changes have also been made. Many of the Undead units now have a mana upkeep, which works reasonably well since they generate a fair amount of mana. There are also a sizeable number of "confused" units in the game, particularly among the Goblins, which makes them quite different to play. I haven't quite figured out how to effectively use this feature yet, so I've just stuck with making upper level units ;-) Also, the Nomads now seem to have a growth penalty, which doesn't bother me since they've got a lot of great units at all levels to choose from.

Heroes and Wizards have been changed as well. There are dozens of new portraits as well as unique units for the heroes. I like this feature especially because the old heroes often felt quite generic, especially at the begining of a game before the player had time to modify their stats with experience points. However, some of the male portraits now come up with female graphics, so there's still some work to be done in this area.

I should also mention that there are unit descriptions for the new wizards and some of the units, many of which have been written (I think) by Blind Thrall. This is a nice touch. Perhaps other members of the community could add some descriptions of their own so that every unit in the mod has one.

To sum up, having new units and heroes, as well as some fairly drastic races makes this a different game and certainly creates a new interest in it for me. There are some balance and other miscellaneous issues that will addressed. Because the author is receptive and responsive to player feedback, I think this very good mod will continue to get better. Obviously, it was a lot of work. Many thanks to Climber.


[Edited on 07/09/04 @ 03:59 AM]

Cherusker Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Climber’s MOD is a great benefit to the game and gives the game play a complete new feeling. From all MODs I played so far, I like the Climber MOD the most. Here is short form a list of the biggest benefits of this MOD and the reason why I prefer this MOD compared with all other MODs.

- Every race plays completely different. E.g. Undead units do not have gold but mana upkeep and therefore the undead cities produce a lot of mana but only little gold. The Nomads have high growth at the beginning but several units which are being built cost quite some population when being built so that it is very difficult to get a Nomad town to a city (makes sense for a tribe culture). Goblins have a lot of cheap units at the beginning, which get unreliable some time. So every race has its own feel and plays differently while the game balance is still very good. (Nomads are my favorite race now.)

- This MOD is compatible with the original game and works 100% with the normal campaign and therefore the original campaign can be replayed again with the Climber MOD. This is great.

- Tons of new units. A lot are recoloured units from existing units, but there are a big number of new graphics for new units as well. Great units with great graphics..

- Tons of new abilities at silver and gold level. Now it makes even more sense and fun to level units up (e.g. a lot of halfling units get mighty meek at gold).

- Easy switching between normal and Climber and normal MOD via setup.bat file. Just double-click and that’s it. No need to start the AoW:SM-Setup program and change to Custom Resources

- A lot of new wizards and heroes with very nice fantasy pictures. Heroes are now also more likely to have more interesting ideas (e.g. more powerful spells or abilities like

- Most interesting concepts of unit abilities in any MOD I have seen so far. E.g. some units start “panicked”, some "confused", some “frozen”, some races have units, which cost population when being built. Some units are blessed, some have Enchant Weapon.

- The game play is different and every race has more units but the game is not overpowered. Every race plays different and not every race has the same type of units. But the balance is still very good.

- Better distribution of unit creation, e.g. some units can be build after constructing a temple, some in master guild, but the focus is very much on the racial building which for all races produces 4 units.
- Some of the interesting new units:
o A human General (level 4) with Leadership and very strong melee stats.
o The Nomads have a healer on horses, which makes him fast and does not slow down the fast Nomad units.
o Every race has their individual healers.
o Elven Lord – level 4 and a range attack expert
o Solar Chariot which can take one other unit with it and gives leadership 3.
o The Syrons have Knight Templer (a great fighting unit)
o Syrons: Holy Grail (level 4) with no fighting abilities but with Magic Relay, Leadership 3, True Seeing, Transport 7, Hurl Lighting (“Indy, close your eyes!”) etc.
o Some cool units of the Nomads are the Dancing Scimitar, and the Carpet Rider (a flying unit with Trap).
o The Nomad’s Outlaw is for me the best all-round unit in the game. Good melee, good range attacks.
o The Nomad’s Sandworm is a very nice monster with Swallow Whole
o The Oliphant is a great monster with tons of HP as in “The Return of the King”. Hope to have a Legolas in your army if you see some of these monsters coming against yourself.
o The Goblins have the Harpy, which is a very nice flying unit for the Goblins.
o My favorite new Orc unit is the Ooze. Great graphic and great abilities.
o The Shadow Daemons have tons of new great looking units, which are all very useful.
o And so on and so on

While all this might sound that this is too much, Climber did a great job in keep every race very different but still similar strong.

As a summary, I only play the Climber MOD when playing a single game. It plays like the next expension. When AoW:SM was an expension for AoW2 with one more unit and one more building, Climber MOD is for me THE next expansion pack which I will use. All old units are in the game (slightly modified) and tons of new units. When playing against other humans, I try to convince them to play Climber MOD as well.
Sir John
Rating: 5
Most importantly for me, this mod adds variety to the different creatures which was lacking in the original game. I had stopped playing mainly because I was bored of all the units- let's face it the beginning to middle of every scenario is spent struggling with level 1 or 2 units and they were almost the same for every race. The recruitable units are about doubled by this mod. The new units are all well-done and fit in well with their races. Some may say the units tend to have too many abilities and balance is not perfect, but I am only interested in playing solo or hotseat coop games, so that is not a huge deal to me.
If you are bored of the original game, you have nothing to lose by giving this a try. Thank you Climber for reviving this game for me!

Additional Comments: I did have a small problem installing on my WinXP home SP2 OS. It was overcome by running the aow2p-30.exe file. If you follow the provided instuctions and still get an error about missing files, try this.
Mampang Hi,

I've downloaded both this zip and, but neither contain C_Monster_Kraken.ilb so the batch script won't run. Is there another zip file I need to download?

Ste Hi,

I've downloaded both this zip and but some unit graphics aren't showing up such as the Archon Legionary. I noticed your earlier post about running the file UGPM_gui.exe which I tried but that program crashes when I click on createunits. How can I get the rest of the graphics into this mod?
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