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Nordic Star v.1.03a (upgraded 'Master of Wonders')

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: L
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: No
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 6
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
Surface Minimap:
Cavern Minimap:
NORDIC STAR v.1.03a - (upgraded 'Master of Wonders')

AoW:SM scenario with custom spells by
Spells' descriptions are included in file "levels.htm"

Hall of Fame
1. Idealistos played at average difficulty with orcs and defeated everybody in 65 days!
2. Andrey Goncharov played at average difficulty with archons and defeated everybody in 175 days.
3. Gerd played at average difficulty with elves and defeated everybody in 230 days.

Battle&Magic scenario. L-map. Tough AI. 2 strong AI wizards + 6 playable. Starting races, spheres and wizards are customisable. Picturesque landscape. Smart lads and gals heroes. Subclass hero's system. Custom spells. Custom diplomacy system.

The archive contains three scenario files with different difficulty - average, hard and impossible. Impossible scenario file is password protected. Every player, who beats AI in this scenario (at any difficulty level), will be included in the Hall of Fame. Just e-mail to your savegame which was played with original resources and my spells. (spells.pfs -file, which is included in the archive).

You start with a bunch of 0-level troops with weak city and have to grow your army to 4-level monsters. But even they are not enough to achieve victory. You have to find the legendary sword, which can help you to be victorious.

The beginning of the story
Glorious Saurak the Nordic Star was killed by mysterious assassins who wanted to steal the legendary sword Nordic Star. But the sword was hidden somewhere. There's no evidence who owns the sword now. But at the same time the most noble gentlemen Sir Algernon and Sir Lambert accused each other in thievery without explaining reasons though. And war began between them. And all wizards were involved in this war. Algernon hired Dread Knights and prepares a huge army which will be ready in about 1-2 months. Lambert tries to unite all wizards to fight against Algernon but wizards have already declared numerous wars against each other and all peaceful efforts fade. There remains the only way. The way of the sword. Nordic Star sword.

Player instructions
1. Eklo has a magic cloak. Don't throw it away. It's the key to the treasury room with reward. Eklo must be alive too.
2. If you don't plan to rescue Eklo, go the harbor near Lambert-Hall, take a galley and sail to your castle. This may be essential for cooperative multiplayer game.
3. Try to avoid making alliances or declaring wars if you don't want additional problems.
4. Keep peace with King Lambert. Don't try to ally with him or declare war. He will never accept peace or alliance offer. You will not be able to use the Stone of Request if you are at war with King Lambert.
5. Check descriptions of your heroes. If you keep more gold in your treasury, you will be able to hire better heroes. Remember that heroes of lower subclasses will never gain as much abilities as heroes of higher sublasses already have.
6. You will need the sword Nordic Star to defeat Algernon. Otherwise it will be almost impossible to kill him.

1. Copy file "Nordic Star.ahm" to folder "../Scenario/Custom/".
2. If you don't want to play with custom spells, stop accomplishing this step. Copy file "spells.pfs" to folder "Resources" if you use Default resources. Copy file "spells.pfs" to folder "User/Name_of_your_Custom_Resources" if you use custom resources.
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
V.1.08 vs. 1.06 has lots of enchantments and improvements.

- Added special areas for "vip-players". Others will not pass.
- When set to "King" or "Emperor" status all AI wizards receive "vip" status and are equipped with "vip" items which are treated as "cursed" by all non-vip-clients and can lead to defeat of every no-vip-player.
- Removed all spoilers allowing to gain vip-status by human players at the beginning of the game.
- Now it's impossible to engage spectators at gladiators fights to prevent a player from receiving excessive experience at the beginning of the game.
- Removed spoilers allowing to get some "property" of the red player at the beginning of the game.
- Removed raider attacks. Now it is not necessary to control the remained gold over 50 gp. Instead of this was added a "lose game" condition when gold and mana are at zero.
- More diplomatic triggers added.
- Some minor corrections to the map were done.

Visit for more information. You may also download there my two scenarios: "Nordic Star" (for AoW2) and "Warlords" for (AoW).
File Author
Well, thanks for comments: EyeBall and omega.
I will think about those "solid trees". Is that the only drawback, which reduces the rating below average?
I agree that a password gives a great penalty to the map. May be v.1.09 will be free. Some instructions may be added. For now, just type "razreshenie" - the password. In the future I plan to adapt the map to AoW:SM.
Visit to preview the scenario and get my other map "Warlords" (AoW1).
All comments are welcome at
File Author
Update to v.1.09.
1. Fixed bug with no-exit from treasury room.
2. Removed spoiler, allowing human players to recruit superheroes.
3. AI players automatically recruit superheroes.
4. Automatic spawning of new AI heroes instead of those, who were killed in battle. (It's not endless, don't be afraid).
5. A twist of fortune - a surprise added.
6. More cannon-fodder for later "bloody-mess".
7. Map is no longer password-protected.
8. Names of provinces added.

ArgonautS This is a great game. I enjoyed it very much but am having problem at mid-game.
I am at the Arctic Peak to look for the Nordic Star. Found the dead king in a tower, who ask me to search for his soul that is taken by Sir Algernon.
Problem is : where do I find the soul?? In Algeron Castle?? Clicking on he "center" button for the quest focus me to the dead king instead of his soul. I am unable to progress....

BTW, too many Dark Lord Spawns. I've killed about 10 so far, and they are extremely hard to kill. Everytime I killed one, Sir Algernon recruited a new Dark Lord. How long will this continue.

This game is extremely hard even when I set all the players to "Squire" level. The computer gets way too much stuffs.

Is there a forum where we can discuss about this game?? I search under "Master of Wonder" and "Nordic Star" and there is no thread for discussion.

File Author
the Soul Quest leads directly to the mighty sword. It is very powerful, so there will be no help how to find the soul. Explore the land. It's not too large.
Yes it's hard. You'll meet lots of dark lords and black dragons.
You can win the game by killing Sir Algernon, it doesn't matter how.
Be strong.

Sorry, I don't have time for forum discussions now.
bkmz Additional Comments:
Wow! This one was really cool! Thanks for the great job!

[Edited on 08/17/04 @ 08:38 AM]

File Author
Since there are several links to the scenario, I'd like to summarize all comments from other players about "Master of Wonders":

Quote from WarChicken 10/27/2004 09:03 AM

I didn't want to rate that map, 'cos i don't have played it completely. I looked at it in the ed after playingit 4 times, and it looked great, but the difficulty is too hard. Much too hard. Well, yes, I'm not the best gamer, but I'm not the worst either and to get killed in the 3rd round cos you couldnt move your troops faster than the area guards is frustrating. I've saved the game after sucsessfully moving my troops fast enugh and loaded the game from that state whenever i wantet to play this map. Another frustrating thing is after day 25 or so the Computer enemy shows up with 2 Level 15 heroes razing my towns unable to defend themselves against such mighty attackers so early cos theres just not enough gold to have defenders against them. After beeing overrun like this for the second time (even with the CPUs set on SQUIRE)i stopped playing this map, cos its no fun to me being bet up like this. Wheres the fun, when you haven't the time to develop. I want battles where I have at least a chance, not slaughters. Its no fun being smashed in the blink of an Eye as much as its no fun to play a map thats so easy, that you can smash everyone in no time. The story was great so far i played and the map just looks great, so far i would give this map 5 for mapping, 4 for story but 0 for playability - maybe there is a trick to survive, but then i dunt know it.

Quote from rat-peddler 10/17/2004 11:55 PM
Overall: 4.4
Playability: 4.0
Balance: 4.0
Creativity: 5.0
Map Design: 5.0
Story/Instructions: 4.0

I finally gave up after trying (for many hours) from a couple different races. This is a tough scenario. A couple of the critical events are somewhat fussy in how they have to be triggered. The simulateneous play feature can be a problem in some cases like following the herione through

Quote from King David 09/22/2004 12:15 AM

Webusver gave me a pat on the back for my map "This Land Is My Land" without playing it. He looked it over in the editor, and I am highly appreciative of the time he took to encourage others to play it, based on that look.
Now, it's my turn to do the same, and though I am not a fan of "you pat my back, I'll pat yours" politics, I thought I'd look his over. There are only a few people out there whose maps I would trust blind (Greenmonster, Swolte, JamieJME, DIX, and a few more), and so I normally look a map over and then go back to working on my own (I should play more against human players, as Chascal abd GM will probably tell you!).
I would say with no doubt that this looks like a great map to me. I can tell that Webusever, although he has a different eye than me when it comes to mapmaking, views the toolset and the map construction in the same way I do. There is probably not a hex on this map that hasn't been thought out, and probably not one that has been painted haphazardly either. It looks great, and I can't wait to play it now (forgot to check the events, but I can't believe they wouldn't meet the level of the map, if there are any at all (sometimes it's better when there aren't)).
Just one question, is it possible to play without causing restarts in the PBEMs? (it says you have to replace the "spells" file, which sounds great, but I know me and I know I'll forget to change it back before I open my PBEM turns!
File Author

It's time to congratulate the first winner of the contest!

The first champion, who was victoious in "Nordic Star" scenario is [b]gerd[/b]!
He defeated everybody in the scenario of "average difficulty". Though "average" doesn't look like "hard" it was not an easy fight. Everybody who don't believe this, may try "average" setting and get defeated in few turns. Gerd's wizard was sent to void 4 times, but survived.
He started with elves (green) and water magic but later shifted to neutral and favourited draconians. He has trained his heroes up to 22 experience level. He has completed all major quests and first sent Sir Algernon to void on 189 turn. And it required him 230 turns to achive complete victory. Here's the picture, which describes the strength of his opponents. And he managed to defeat them all!
Congratulations, [b]gerd[/b]!
[b]gerd[/b] will be included in the "Hall of Fame" as the first champion who was victorious in the "Nordic Star" scenario!
Everybody, who wants to be included in the "Hall of Fame" must send me ( their victorious save games of the last turn.
"Hall of Fame" will be organized here [url][/url]
and here [url][/url]
Good luck to everybody!

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