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Lord of the Rings

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File Details
Ruleset: AoW2: TWT - TS Standard Rules
Map Size: XL
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 8
# of players: 8
Skill Level: Any (depends on AI difficulty setting)
Password Protected: No
Tolkien's Middle Earth.

By Magnus & Sune Nilaus Olsen (& Tue).

We were actually the first persons to do a Middle-earth scenario, we just didn't submit it

in time. Really we were. Honest.

But anyway it is the best map because we have based it on thorough studies of Tolkien's works

and "Tolkien's Guide to Middle-earth" by Robert Foster and the "Dictionary of the languages of Tolkien's

Middle-earth" by a bunch of students. Oh and the twelve volumes of Tolkien's Notes published

posthumously by his son Christopher Tolkien.

Completed on 8/9 2002.

PS: Don't be the dwarves. They suck.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mister Pickles Hmmm...I might not need to finish ME2.00 if this one is the best.
inimene Cant say it is best. There are better middle earth maps.
Galahad_2nd Actually, this is one of the better Middle Earth maps for AoW2 (having designed one of them myself, "Middle Earth in the Second Age"). The Hero and Item library is very impressive, and the map itself is both accurate and detailed. You guys know your Tolkien. Also, I like the arrangement of the sides and players; I like a Middle Earth map that doesn't have a Wizard's Tower in Hobbiton. The biggest distinction is the nine characters of the Fellowship of the Ring starting out next to Rivendell. Gandalf is the wizard but the cities of this side are in Gondor, so Gandalf has no Wizard's tower until he can get to Minas Tirith.

I suggest that you do more playtesting and work to make it a challenging, playable, and fun Single Player map which has a story more or less following Lord of the Rings. Give up on the Multiplayer; your sides are too imbalanced for it. Here are some suggestions, if you want to go in that direction:
1. All of the armies should greatly reduced, especially Gondor's. Remember that these are "units" of indeterminate size, so it is all relative. Having so many units makes the game take a very long time to play and also takes away from the Heroes who should be the focus of the game. Also, the Level 1 units are in general more "Tolkien-like" than the Level 3 and 4 units. I'd have 8-10 full stacks of mostly level 1 units for Mordor and its allies, one strong stack for Minas Tirith, and just one or two units on the other cities.
2. Moreover, Gondor is much too strong relative to Mordor, for either a multiplayer or single player map. Gondor has about as many units as Mordor, more cities, more heroes, and more allies. According to the story, they should be in a desparate battle for survival. The Human Player (Gondor+the Fellowship) is the most interesting one to play, and a good player will always be stronger than the AI. At least, put a few cities in Harad and Rhun under the control of Mordor.
3. The Ring is way too powerful, for something in Frodo's pocket. Its effect is to make Frodo an invincible warrior who can single-handedly mow down armies. You can't simulate the evil nature of the Ring within the game system, so don't give it so much power. It should be powerful if Sauron gets it, but the game will be over then. (Saruman getting it should also end the game.) It is something that has to be destroyed, not a weapon.
4. You need to give an item to Gandalf to make him faster (Haste ability); he is much slower than the rest of the Fellowship. Or make him a spell-casting Hero instead of a real Wizard.
5. There are not enough ways to get across the rivers. You need to make up some bridges which aren't on Tolkien's maps, or else lose some of the rivers.
6. Why do you want the Gandalf player to control Brand and Escargoth, but not Rohan? I'd change them to an independent, or give them to Theoden.
7. Combine the Mouth of Sauron (Goblins) with Sauron (Orcs). It is no problem to have two races in one side. You should give them some humans also. Fewer sides will make the game go faster and also the AI will be tougher if it can coordinate these forces.
8. Add in more Events and make things happen or messages display when units enter certain areas or certain conditions occur. For example, make the Theoden AI offer an Alliance when Gandalf gets to Edoras. Tell the story.

Also three small details of the map:
a. I think Gray Havens is on the wrong side of the river.
b. Shelob should have "Guard" or "Guard Area" AI not Patrol.
c. A sign by the upper Anduin is blank.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 1
The designers obviously spent a lot more time with research and design than they did with play-testing. This map is very slow and difficult to play: not only is it an eight-wizard XL map, but everybody has huge numbers of units and heroes, the rivers are impassible obstacles with few crossings, and Gandalf moves too slowly. I could only get through a few turns. If the playability is improved, this could be a great map.

Balance: 3
This is listed as both a Multiplayer map and a Single Player map, not a good idea. I think that it is more balanced as a single-player map, but I could only play a few turns so I'm not really sure.

Creativity: 5
The designers have a new and different approach to making a Middle-Earth map, making a real effort to simulate the War of the Ring rather just a multi-player map of the general arrangement of the lands of Middle Earth. I really like having the heroes of the Fellowship including Gandalf start out from Rivendell, with the same player controlling Gondor -- it has the promise of a good single-player game of Lord of the Rings.

Map Design: 5
Very well researched and beautifully done.

Story/Instructions: 4
We all know the story so it is OK but could use more events, signs, etc.

Additional Comments:
I already posted lots of comments previously. (Hope they don't get erased when I post this!)
I Always WinCOC
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
Gandalf is too slow, way too many units, like a few other people have said, Gondor (gandalf) is too strong, he is almost as good as mordor and has more cities and heros
Balance: 2
Sauron and Mouth of Sauron should be combined big time and Gondor should be a seperate wizard not gandalf, he doesnt own Gondor
Creativity: 2
Lots of LOTR maps anywayz, so this is nothing new

Map Design: 1
Ur research should also include the books, and not just the movies, Use more grass, there is grass in ME. also, Osgiliath is on an island, Minas Tirith, then 2 bridges to Osgiliath, and then 2 bridges to Minas Ithil, or Morgul as known in LOTR. Ithilien is WAY WAY WAY WAY to big, and should be on the river side of minas morgul, and some of it should be destroyed. Fangorn should not be dead forest, it is the opposite of a dead forest. and there should be a few area guards of earth elementals there.
Story/Instructions: 3
i gave u a 3 because i love LOTR and ME, thats about it.

Additional Comments:
The ring is way way way way way way way way to powerful, frodo could take out sauron with the ring, thats crap. it should have no stats at all, and if sauron or saruman get the ring, the game should end.
Pickle, please make ME2.00 this is 1 of the worse ME maps out. The 2nd age map is the best in my opinion
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1

Balance: 1
*the map is not very balanced (to play for Elrond is boring-nothing is happening (to as by humans))

Creativity: 1
*Moria is too small - you should work more on it

Map Design: 1
*the map is empty, you fell like on an desert
*no events, low elevation effects
*the main geography isnt right (Rivendell is next to Lorien, acces to Moria is under Lorien, Grey Havens are on the other site of Luna...)
*so many things are missing (like the Lonely mountain)

Story/Instructions: 1
*Durin's Bane or Balrog wasnt a friend of orcs and he also wasnt under Saurons control
*where are the 3 ways in Moria (this Moria has no similarities to Tolkiens Moria (except the name))
*there are so many mistakes on this map, i can write letters about it...

Additional Comments:
its clear that the cretor of this map has no knowlage about Tolkiens Lord of the Rings, its history and geography... And talk something in the way this is the best Lotr map ever:( I had to puch your ratting down

[Edited on 11/10/04 @ 04:25 PM]

skypup1 I am playing this game for the second time as Elrond, and the mechanics are almost a duplicate of the previous time. True, the geography is differing a bit to the real LotR map, but it offers a change in the strategy of battle planning. Lots of map detail and work involved... however, biggest drawback (as was already stated) was the gamespeed - a real plodding Pokahama...

Perhaps, (also already stated) Mouth of Sauron and Sauron could be combined as one player, and Gandalf could control Theoden (as a Hero approaching Gandalf after a certain turn)... etc...

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Map Design2.3
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