Age of Wonders II Heaven Julia with Gameplay background
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File Details
Ruleset: AoW: SM - Unofficial Patch 1.4
Map Size: M
Levels: 2
Single Player?: Yes
Co-Op vs. AI?: Yes
PBEM/Hotseat?: Yes
Multiplayer Online?: Yes
# of Wizards: 6
# of players: 4
Skill Level: Expert
Password Protected: No
This map is designed for single player game. But you can play in co-op game as well, invite up to three friends and try... Please activate "Allied Victory" for both modi!
You will quickly find out that resources are limited (gold, mana, city growth etc.), as "Blutmond" was made for expert players. One of the most important things you need to know: You cannot build neither shrines nor sanctuarys, so you are not able to produce highest level units. Nethertheless there are enough healing sites and nice units you can get. If you like, check out map settings for more information.
You should generally play without trading gold, mana and spells, since this intervenes too much in game equilibrium. Please do not use "Call Hero" as well.
CPU is supported by triggers, so it will need some time to do all movements and fights within the first turns.
Prepare for lots of fights with Lofar and Nyrociel, as both are very powerful! Manual battles are strongly recommended, you will fail otherwise...

Enjoy the map and have fun!

PS: As I am very busy at the moment, I will add a small background story and some of the desciptions (wizards & starting heros) later on (_some_ still missing). I decided to upload this file now, so you can play around x-mas :-). I hope you will like my second map.

For feedback or any questions feel free to contact me at:

Have a nice christmas and enjoy the free time, if you have any!
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You will need to replace the .bak file with the ahm file, or else people won't be able to play it. Well, they will, but then they need to change the .bak file extension to .ahm.
Another gorgeous map, you are very talented!!

File Author

Okay.. I quickly updated the file to .ahm, so it should work now.

Thanks for your fast response, Swolte.
File Author
Hoy folks!

If you are one of the 90 first downloads, please download map again (which is updated now).

There was a "wrong" trigger (see forum), but it is fixed now. Sorry for this. Sometimes AoW:Editor is a bit strange....

To everyone playing this map for the first time (go on reading, there is no spoiler...)

-lvl up your heros!
-push 'em up with spells!
-lvl and push each other lvl 3 unit; like runemaster..
-it's intended you will defend the "first" days (50-60).
-no fear, there won't be any mastery spell
-sometimes you think "oh sh****", but go on! You will win!

With regards,

PS: ANY comments are very welcome.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
No bugs but:

1) (Nomads) A quest I couldn't finish: "Destroy the Undead band but you must reach their territory to succeed". I destroyed the marked stack plus entered black territory but nothing happened.
2) (Dwarfs) unreachable territory east of the capital. Would have required flying cave diggers.

Balance: 5
All four races were difficult to play in the beginning. After round 50 or so they were strong enough to expand into hostile homelands.

Creativity: 4
Unconventional landscape with many different and well-defended structures and objects. Quests were standard not very inventive, however.

Map Design: 5
Unconventional landscape with many different and well-defended structures and objects.

Story/Instructions: 5
I am happy that there was no story at all. I hate role-playing type scenarios like "Go here, go there, do this, do that, read all signs, sorry you didn't understand my hints, reload again and try better ...". The good thing about AoW is the freedom to decide where you want to move when and for whatever reason. This map keeps up this freedom without trying to force you to follow the map author's will (follow the so called "story").

Additional Comments:
I enjoyed all four races doing a challenging start. After round 50 or so, the good alliance started to overwhelm the CPU players so I discontinued the game at this point.

[Edited on 01/11/12 @ 02:32 PM]

tumult I am playing at the moment around 60-70 days. At day 40 Nyrociel cast mastery spell, so that doesn't seem to be deactivated.

Also, there seems to be a crashing-bug when entering manual combat in the magic shrine at the Thunderclap mountains. I tried several times now, and every time the game crashes when finishing either first or second turn.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm playing it with MP Evolution.

[Edited on 01/13/12 @ 09:52 PM]

File Author
Dear Watschenbaum and Tumult!

Thank you very much for your comments! I just (re)tested triggers and terrain building (playtests with simultaneous and classic turns)...and everything seems to be okay.

Watschenbaum. Quest "Nature's Revenge" at Mayumi Shiokawa does work here. I killed the undead horde and entered their area. You will have a "center view" and a message by Spirit of Nature then (+ some other things do happen...). Maybe you can edit map by loading two stacks of angels and playtest it again (this would take you 2-3 minutes) to see if it's still "buggy". To Nalrash K'alagh: The eastern caves should be entered later in the game, that's want I wanted. So there are several ways to do this: 1. Rebuilding Frostgate and go for a shipyard (you can do this at surface as well. Aldsiver Shore and travel to Blackwaters) 2. With a Mole you can dig and reach Watchtower at underground sea (as they are having mountaineering) 3. Choosing the northern caves: You need a balloon (nomads/goblins/ halflings) to transport your mole or trapped/seduced Beetle, or you had some luck to learn Fire Halo (to get fire immunity to pass lava). There is a chance to learn this spell as having three of fire sphere.

Tumult. I tested quest "Days of Thunder" at Nalrash K'alagh as well. Here it works (and does not crash). Note you will need a hero with "Stormseeker" that is doing this quest, to be sucessful. If you want you can test again (by using editor. I suggest to load "Elana di Monte", she is able to do this very quickly). Nyrociel Anwâr and Lofar, the Dark are not able to cast a Mastery Spell (learning by research) as both are having "Cosmos Sphere". This duo infernale will cast "Purifying Water", "PowerLeak", "Summoner's Aura" and "Damnation" for sure and they might cast "Domain of Darkness" (60-70%). And all magic vaults are having custom spells (no mastery spells within). I do not know MP_Evolution and you are right, maybe this is a reason for your crash. I am playing with "UPatch 1.4".

I hope those answers could help you a bit, feel free to email me if problems still occur.


[Edited on 01/14/12 @ 05:02 AM]

Watschenbaum Lieber Nephrati,

thanks for your answer.

Concerning my comment on the "Flying cave diggers": I obviously underestimated your ambition to control this map. You intentionally delayed the opening of said cave to a very late stage of the game. No problem ... although as a human player I'd appreciate an early conquest of the cave.

Concerning my comment on the Spirit of Nature's Quest about the Undead Stack: I am playing BNW 3.2, maybe the (potential) failure of this quest has to do something with it. I have to re-test this.

My computer, however, is at a computer freak's lab at the moment. It got virus infected and, therefore, I have no clue when I will be able to use it again.

Grüße aus dem sonnigen München
tumult Ahh, just read through the change log for MP Evolution. They created a Cosmos Mastery spell :)
That explains it. The crashing can probably also be attributed to MP Evolution, but I don't know the mechanics.

I'm playing another round of the bloody moon now as Humans. No reliable crashing yet. Sometimes it crashes when I right-click a unit on a ship, but it's not consistent.

Nephrati, I like your maps a lot. You wrote that you are doing some tweaking on Herbststurm. Perhaps you might consider updating to MP Evolution now that you are at it, perhaps explore the new possibilities :)

Best regards,
File Author
Dear Tumult!

Thanks a lot for your comments on my maps, I really appreciate this: It is always nice to get feedback by the players!

Quote: “Perhaps you might consider updating to MP Evolution now that you are at it, perhaps explore the new possibilities”.

Yes and no: I am not sure about this. There are a lot of modifications around here, for example Kirky’ s Brave New World, Hell Brick’s MP Evolution or Dwiggs. When I update my map(s) to mod XY only some can play, if I create/ update a map using UPatch 1.4 each player can use it (ok not _all_, but I think Upatch 1.4 has become very common).

Another aspect is: You need to have a really good knowledge of the mod to (re-)balance your map. And there are several things I do not like at certain mods (to be fair: all in all these mods are really cool addons!), like: every rogue hero at BNW is having sight III or (normal) Elvish archers are getting seeker at MP Evolution.

And I really dislike this “cosmos mastery” (okay for “Herbststurm” but I cannot live with that at “Blutmond”).

Even at Upatch 1.4 there are things I do not like (for example higher demons or sandworms with 50+ hitpoints, I prefer those black panthers or Orcish snipers...; + there are still some bugs within this patch, so you might know I am careful with new mods).

And do not forget they are working on UPatch 1.5, so why spend all the efford (including rebalancing and testing which spends a lot of time) on a mod of your map, so people will play it for 5-6 months?

AoW is having some problems, I only mentioned _some_ of the probs:

-AI building up wizard towers higher and higher
-AI that does not protect its cities.
-AI will go forward, you blast a storm and they return. Stupid!
- They produce only a certain kind of army (like Rune Master, knights etc.)

And I fear with UPatch 1.5 those things will not be fixed. So, it is nice to have some new units by certain mods, but at long sight probs I mentioned should be fixed.

For this reason I prefer to keep my maps for UPatch 1.4. And (if I have time) I am working on triggers to support and balance AI.

With regards
tumult No problem, Nephrati. Your priorities make perfect sense :)

I can still play your maps with MP Evolution, and the mastery spell makes it even harder to get mana, so it is an even tougher battle to drive back the enemy. Tough is good.

Looking forward to whatever future worlds come from your hand...

- Tumult
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Map Design5.0
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