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Download File (215.21 KB)
215.21 KB
The land of Erathia
This is my first AoW II map, and I hope you will enjoy it. It is an XL map with two levels and eight players. Many beautiful environments and different terrain.
Category: Scenario
by Chaotic_Fish
3.6 (3)
2316 0 1
Download File (40.02 KB)
40.02 KB
the lands are divided
the lands are divided is my new map i have been working on for some time i hope you enjoy i have no password on this one
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
1.0 (1)
416 0 2
Download File (169.49 KB)
169.49 KB
The Last Crusade
Co-op Multiplayer map
Category: Scenario
by Magog
- 954 0 0
Download File (105.45 KB)
105.45 KB
The Last Stand
Small but rich and varied, 1or2-player map with a twist: stay alive as long as you can
Category: Scenario
by jett_way
4.6 (4)
2100 1 24
Download File (378.56 KB)
378.56 KB
The Last Valley
XLarge map with unique sceneries many hidden treasures and new items.
Category: Scenario
by digga
4.1 (9)
7557 0 2
Download File (179.14 KB)
179.14 KB
The Lords of Lura-Khâs
My first map, made with love and patience, I hope you'd like it. I started working on it some months ago after looking for 3 player scenarios without much success.
Category: Scenario
by Unnapu
4.3 (3)
1134 0 3
Download File (799.83 KB)
799.83 KB
The Lost Sea
This world has a large underground lake, but few ships. Free the ancient sky beings from captivity and they will serve you!
Category: Scenario
by Impudent Domain
- 774 0 0
Download File (573.14 KB)
573.14 KB
The Magnificent Five
A Challenging map (1 or 2 players) where you have to beat an alliance of five strong wizards. A lot of new heroes and artifacts. (SM)
Category: Scenario
by Dlanor
- 1686 0 0
Download File (115.74 KB)
115.74 KB
The Marching Desert - Official Triumph Studios Scenario
One of two scenarios that were originally only available on the AoW2 pre-order "Bonus Disk."
Category: Scenario
by Arnout
4.0 (1)
3879 0 0
Download File (88.02 KB)
88.02 KB
The Maw
Eight wizards fight it out -- each controlling a narrow realm that funnels to the carnage in the middle. I believe it works better with humans than AI, though I've played many times vs. AI and it's fun to turtle since border control is easy to do.
Category: Scenario
by camelotcrusade
- 493 0 1
Download File (88.89 KB)
88.89 KB
The Maw 2
This is same map with different players and the land has been terraformed when necessary for the different races. Saves time if you want to battle with different races.
Category: Scenario
by camelotcrusade
3.0 (1)
576 0 0
Download File (103.43 KB)
103.43 KB
The Maw with Underground
This variation of the Maw contains a vast underground, connecting the players via another two routes. The AI is significantly more aggressive.
Category: Scenario
by camelotcrusade
- 644 0 0
Download File (49.68 MB)
49.68 MB
The Mending
The events take place during announcement of The Mending, few years before the story of Age of Wonders III (I think). The Ruling Council of Dark Elves had responded and many noble houses started a stiff competition towards the place of gathering.
Category: Scenario
by W4rb1rd
- 855 0 4
Download File (63.76 KB)
63.76 KB
The Mist of Avalon
Thorn between the Fire Queen of the underworld Muspelheim and the Ice Queen of nordic Nifelheim lies the green fealds of Midgard where Queen Vala rules. The three wizards fight for control over the lands and the underworld. The fair Ava
Category: Scenario
by Gryning
2.2 (1)
1059 0 0
Download File (49.08 KB)
49.08 KB
the orb of light
this one has a great of deal of story that explain everthing. the dark forces has taken the lands from the humans the humans lost there leader so no they are indepandance they are waiting for a new leader so now the most powerful wizard from the elve
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 487 0 0
Download File (241.48 KB)
241.48 KB
The Origin of Megrina
I'm creating this as a Valentine's Day commemorative scenario. Cheers.
Category: Scenario
by The_Sheikh
- 475 0 1
Download File (130.65 KB)
130.65 KB
The Plains of Zendredeil v1.4
In this big and complex map there is the usual fights and all but there are also loads of secerets to be found and this also features lots of storyline and locations in the seemingly empty Plains of Zendredeil
Category: Scenario
by FlameBlade
- 901 0 2
Download File (173.17 KB)
173.17 KB
The Plains of Zendredeil v1.6
In this latest update Ive realised I have been lazy in not making up a name for the cosmos wizard and just calling him Inioch.Now Ive given him a name.Ive also added generelly more detail and got rid of unwanted effects.
Category: Scenario
by FlameBlade
3.2 (1)
1216 0 1
Download File (81.44 KB)
81.44 KB
the radiance of the dark elves
the strory has been told again the dark elves have arrived to the new found lands to search for treasures and items to give them upper hand in the battles they have. and the dark elves are on the lower levels of the grounds and you are able to play
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 585 0 0
Download File (90.72 KB)
90.72 KB
The Return
You begin with a small number of units and have to complete various missions before you can go further. Eventually you find your home and the battle begins.
Category: Scenario
by Tendril
4.1 (4)
1404 0 6

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