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Download File (55.07 KB)
55.07 KB
the great day of the dragon king
this map is about the dragon king is with revange to take on those that thought that had defeated him you have a rich story and a bunch of events that i had to add in to be more fun to play this one the dragon king is more powerful then he was before
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 560 0 0
Download File (277.1 KB)
277.1 KB
the great human empires2
this is a map almost like the first one and much more. you know of the story about that you were in a great battle between evil and good. then the humans were looking for new have the chioce to allie with the good or evil kingdoms to help
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
1.4 (1)
713 0 0
Download File (236.15 KB)
236.15 KB
the great humans empires
the story is been known from one to other you where in a great battle between the forces of evil and good then the humans came your lands to take your lands for themselves so you can allie with good or evil its up to you.
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 733 0 0
Download File (591.61 KB)
591.61 KB
The Great Unknown
A very large map for 7 players and a strong Ai. Made for BNW 3.2
Category: Scenario
by LordDuck
4.2 (2)
2261 2 8
Download File (147.94 KB)
147.94 KB
the great war
the human in there great search
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 502 0 0
Download File (166.26 KB)
166.26 KB
the great war2
this a land that was peacefull intill the other nation decided to started a war to take there treasures this is a easyer map then the first one an i put some events in the map so enjoy plus you have to rebuild the raze cities
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
- 580 0 0
Download File (146.37 KB)
146.37 KB
the great war3
this is a great story about a land that once was very peacefull but something happened between the nations that are on the lands they started to become gretty they wanted each other treasure from there fore fathers so you musterd up a army to defand
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
2.3 (2)
838 0 0
Download File (93.35 KB)
93.35 KB
The Grimstone Wars
Thís map is made solely for Multiplayer purpose and has no story. It is up to you to make it up as the game goes on. It will play really good as a SP map as well. Please give me feedback on this map as I will update it to make it perfectly balanced.
Category: Scenario
by The Jerk
4.4 (2)
5279 0 0
Download File (34.75 KB)
34.75 KB
The Guardian Alliance
Three races were sent out to cleanse the land. These races were called the Guardian Alliance. The land has been plagued by evil creatures, and you must return it to its original state.
Category: Scenario
by HunkyChunky
- 885 0 0
Download File (35.53 KB)
35.53 KB
The Hill Punch
This is short scenario designed for co-op play, where humans and draconians fight against the undead enemy wizard, Nerull.
Category: Scenario
by hillpunch
- 786 0 0
Download File (339.41 KB)
339.41 KB
The Hive
This is the final map from the campaign. It's not my creation, it's the creation of Wazzz (Martijn Holtkamp). I haven't changed anything. Have fun!
Category: Scenario
by Roger the Rampant
- 786 0 0
Download File (940.13 KB)
940.13 KB
The Hobbit
XL Lord of the Rings map for AoW3. Needs Golden Realms (Halfling) DLC.
Category: Scenario
by Roger the Rampant
- 74 0 0
Download File (0.99 MB)
0.99 MB
The Hobbit
Based on the novel by J.R.R.Tolkien
Category: Scenario
by Lucian23
- 1066 1 2
Download File (125.93 KB)
125.93 KB
The Horn of Gold
The Horn of Gold is the name of an elvish city that only Midas could've dreamt of....
Category: Scenario
by The_Sheikh
- 912 0 0
Download File (110.09 KB)
110.09 KB
The Key of Kharzul
A balanced small multiplayer map that shows off a lot of the new v1.4 patch features and content!
Category: Scenario
by swolte
4.6 (3)
2152 0 0
Download File (1.25 MB)
1.25 MB
The Knights' Tale
I have had not the time to test this fully, but call me if it needs debugging, and let me know.
Category: Scenario
by The_Sheikh
- 686 0 19
Download File (215.21 KB)
215.21 KB
The land of Erathia
This is my first AoW II map, and I hope you will enjoy it. It is an XL map with two levels and eight players. Many beautiful environments and different terrain.
Category: Scenario
by Chaotic_Fish
3.6 (3)
2313 0 1
Download File (40.02 KB)
40.02 KB
the lands are divided
the lands are divided is my new map i have been working on for some time i hope you enjoy i have no password on this one
Category: Scenario
by kevinking28
1.0 (1)
416 0 2
Download File (169.49 KB)
169.49 KB
The Last Crusade
Co-op Multiplayer map
Category: Scenario
by Magog
- 954 0 0
Download File (105.45 KB)
105.45 KB
The Last Stand
Small but rich and varied, 1or2-player map with a twist: stay alive as long as you can
Category: Scenario
by jett_way
4.6 (4)
2099 1 24

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