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Welcome to the AOW2H Competitions and Tournaments section! Here you will find monthly and on-going contests for solo and multiplayer play-by-email (PBEM) games:

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You can find the most up-to-date information on the various tourneys in the Competitions & Tournaments forum. Please post your comments or questions about any of the tourneys in that forum. Before you can compete, you will need to register on our forums. If you have already registered with any other Heavengames (“HG”) forum, you don’t need to register again as you can use your screen name and password on any HG forum.

Many of the maps used in AOW2H tourneys are either custom-made especially for the tourney or are a heavily modified version of a previously created map. You can find all of the current tourney maps in the Downloads section. Be sure you disable any download accelerator or download management programs before you attempt to download any maps or else you will receive an error message.

Hit the links above where you can find links information about each of the current competitions and also see the results of past tournaments.

Heavengames would like to thank Triumph Studios and Take 2 Interactive for donating the games used as prizes in any of the tournaments. We appreciate their generous support.

See you on the battlefield!

~ Angel Cay – Tournament Administrator

~ Cherub The Jerk – Tournament Map-Maker