AoW2 Heaven Staff Bios

AoW2 Heaven Staff Bios

swolte – Site Director
Joined HeavenGames: August 12, 2003

"AoWI was one of my favourite computergames when it came out and I played it single player for a long time. Of course, as with most games, my interest slowly died for the game. I jumped to Baldurs Gate as my other favourite and at one point I wanted some more info on a BG sequel and I began surfing the net.
Thats when I discovered ‘forums’.

To kill the time between the BG series I looked around and I saw my dusty old copy of AoW1. I started playing it again out of boredom but found that I needed more of a challenge. Started a pbem with my brother and soon I was having another game with a friend as well.
Thats when I discovered an Age of Wonders!

These games were sooo much fun that I began to wonder. Hmmm, would there be forums of that too? I came on this site that was f! illed with (mostly) mature and extremely kind people (HeavenGames). I even made a few posts and got pulled in the frenzy around a sequal; AoW2!! These forums became an addiction in itself and the interaction with devs was amazing! The fan-made maps were so impressive (DIX and Elquein) that I got ambitions on mapmaking as well..
Thats when I discovered HeavenGames

I became known with the BTOOIC (buildable teleporters off option in cities) which I thought was a creative way to get some lighthearted attention for a heated subject that was discussed to death. It got a bit out of hand and it grew to become the biggest AoW-clan around with over 60 members! I discovered the joys of mapmaking and got totally hooked with AoW2-pbem-ing. Then, another sequal was to be made.. Shadow magic.

One day I was asked by Arnout if I wanted to help them out with the development in Delf (Holland). I am a part-time teacher (with a special interes! t for history) and I work as a researcher at the VU (biological p sychology; brains and genes and stuff..) but THIS was an opportunity I could not pass on. I took up all my free days and arranged whatever minute I could spare! A dream coming true! 🙂
It was an awesome period I could write a lot more about (but I notice this piece is getting very long), but I can say that ‘our devs’ are some extraordinary kind creatures with a heart for the game! When Shadow Magic came out I was asked to become ‘greenified’ as well.. I was glad to be able to do something back to a site that gave me so much joy!"

Enginerd – Forum Moderator, Tourney Organize, All things AoW1
Joined HeavenGames: July 8, 2007

"I discovered AoW1 when I bought it from the bargain bin, I played solo and enjoyed the campaign and maps. Then I let the game sit and collect dust. Eventually, I came back around to play and this time I decided to find some custom maps on the internet. Well, I found lots of them at this great site called Heaven Games. I was still a bit skeptical about getting registered so I watched the forums from a distance. Then, a map called Pride of a Princess and 1v1 blind competition was announced and I took the plunge and signed up. I actually made it into the second round before I got thoroughly beaten but I was hooked. About a 100 pbem games later, several WL titles and other accomplishments and I became quite the active forum member.

Then another exciting announcement came out, Swolte posted saying that he needed help in the form of a Cherub on the AoW1 site. I hesitated and then applied and was granted the position. Since then I’ve had fun organizing tourneys and having fun. It’s been a blast. Recently I was promoted to Angel so I could continue to support not just the AoW1 stuff but also help out in other behind the scense stuff.

I am married with 6 kids, employed as an engineer (chemical) and have many hobbies. I volunteer with the Boy Scouts and spent many years as a scoutmaster (still doing that), also an asst coach on the kids soccer teams (I did play in college), and I like to play bridge.

ChowGuy – News Writer, Forum Moderator, Game Mods
Joined HeavenGames: February 1, 2002

"I’m a software developer and contractor specializing in automation and embedded control systems. B.S. in Electrical Engineering back in the dark ages, and an old Avalon Hill strategy gamer. Not big on most fantasy or RPG games but got into AoW when I found the demo, liked the feel, and stayed with it. Lurked on the Lifeline since it opened and eventually found my way here."

Timelord – Forum Moderator, Tournament Organizer
Joined HeavenGames: May 13, 2003

"The first Heavengames site I visited was Caesar3 and I came across AoW2 in 2003 when I was searching for some info about Age of Kings. TBS was a new genre to me as I was primarily into RTS and FPS at that time, with a sprinkling of RPG.

I read some reviews, looked at the forums, bought the game and have been hooked on to it ever since. What I liked most about the game was its Play-by-Email feature which was very convenient for me and this forum had some very helpful and mature people too, unlike most FPS/RTS ones. Later on, when I started travelling extensively as part of the job, online gaming provided the filler for the free time in the evenings. Which led to Dwiggs and the fantastic group of people who play it online…

I’m a Supply Chain Management consultant specializing in Demand Management/Forecasting with a Masters in Mathematics. I travel a lot as part of the job, which is great for visiting a lot of countries and that is an experience worth the few discomforts living out of a suitcase gives you! I joined the Heavengames staff in April 2006 when I started organizing the PBEM tournament.

Its been a great ride so far!!"

Angel Draco – Founder of the AoW Heavens. Still a Halo at HeavenGames, but no longer active on the AoW Heavens.
Joined HeavenGames: November 1, 1998

"I’m an attorney, currently working as a judicial law clerk, but I will be moving into private practice soon. I also act as general counsel for HG, drafting legal documents and protecting our copyrights and trademarks.

I started working with HeavenGames during my second year of law school on November 1, 1998, upon an invitation from Angel Alexander after I submitted an FAQ I had written for Caesar 3 Heaven. I had been reading the Age of Empires Heaven forums for over a year and was familiar with HG (then called "Heaven’s Gaming Sites") and some of the staff. I joined Caesar 3 Heaven as a Cherub, moderating the Game Help forum and updating my Gameplay FAQ. A short time later I was promoted to Angel, administering the Downloads section, and a short time after that I became the Co-Seraph of Caesar 3 Heaven, along with Alexander I and Reckless Rodent (the famed "Webmaster Triumvirate"; Jayhawk soon replaced Alexander I in the Triumvirate), but stepped down from webmastering when I was married later that year in May 1999.

With a reduced–but more focused–workload, I worked on Pharaoh Heaven and Zeus Heaven, with minor contributions to Stronghold Heaven (and was lucky enough to have beta tested all three of those games). We launched Age of Wonders Heaven (AoWH) in April 2001 primarily as a central custom map downloads resource–as that was something the AOW community was lacking at the time–and the rest of the website grew up around it, eventually attracting many talented members of the AoW community."