Building Age of Wonders II Heaven

This article series was originally posted by Angel Draco at the Age of Wonders Heaven forums right before launch of the Age of Wonders II Heaven site. The forum thread is named Building a Community Website: AoW2 Heaven.

Oooh! What are these busy little guys working on? :/

Give up?! Why it’s AoW2 Heaven of course! 😮 That blurry image will get clearer as we get closer to launch! 🙂

We are soooo close to launching AoW2 Heaven that I’m bouncing off the walls! The new site is SOOO COOL and I can’t wait for all of you to see it! The site is essentially done–content wise–except for one major section, and its the most important section off all! Downloads.

User-created content is what kept AoW1 going strong all these years and HeavenGames isn’t skimping on the most important part of the website! 😀 We feel it’s better to launch a finished site, rather than an incomplete site with lots of “under construction” notices.

Angel Zen has been coding his tail off and has reportedly already gone through keyboards! okay, not really, but still…. Uncle Zen has been uber-busy coding a brand new downloads section from scratch for all of you, which will resemble the Empire Earth Heaven downloads section. Unfortunately, Real LifeTM tossed Zen for a small loop quite recently and he had to run out of town for two small job-related trips.

So, I’m going to breakout my dusty old book of “101 Stalling Tactics” here and try to keep you all entertained here for just a few more days. I’ll be talking about what goes into designing a website and show you some of the concept artwork that was created as we moved closer and closer to the final design of AoW2H.

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