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The Patch is Here!!!

It's been a long time coming, but Unofficial Patch 1.5 for AoW Shadow magic is finally out. The Orange Winged Wonder (no, not ChickenMan, just Swolte ;)) has posted and announcement in the General Discussions forum with a direct link. to it on DropBox. I expect it will be added to the Download Section shortly as well. so be sure to check in for the latest status.

The first reviews are in

Coming up on the end of its first week, so far the press has been fairly quiet but the first post-release reviews of AoW3 are leaking out. Perhaps that's because as a self-publisher Triumph doesn't have the press budget of the big houses, but any news is good news.

The reviews themselves are on the whole generally favorable, though not gushingly so. IGN for example leads off with

For a strategy game, having two distinct modes—a world map and tactical battles—is a risky move. If either the tactical or strategic side is significantly better than the other, then the weaker half can feel like a distraction from the good bits. This is exactly the case with Age of Wonders III. It does all the little things right with its fantasy tactical battles, but it struggles to find its footing on the larger, strategic scale.

Of course, being "weaker" is only relative, and when compared to the superlative, still a high bar to clear. The reviewer's final and admittedly personal verdict:
Still, it's a fairly successful return for a game series and style that seemed undeservedly buried.
Well hey, in a industry gone mad with RTS and FPS games, that's as much as one can hope for.

Polygon despite feeling that "The [campaign] story feels slightly overcooked" concedes that "as a tutorial to the random maps ... it's faultless." And we would hope, to the many fine user created scenarios that are sure to come.

Their overall conclusion? "Age of Wonders 3 is a challenging power fantasy." Well, who here didn't see that coming?

There's also plenty of comments on the Oficial AoW3 Forums, the Steam Forums, and of course AoW Heaven's own AoW3 Sub-forum where, as always, you're invited to join the discussion.

Hey Kids! What time is it?

*honk* *honk* *honk* (*)

Age of Wonders III is available NOW for download on Steam and GoG!

I think. Don't have Steam here, but the GoG download is reportedly confirmed by Ager Sunicle here. The Official Site is apparently getting hammered, and still waiting on the first reviews. But come visit HG's AoW3 sub-forum for the latest news as it develops.

* And please don't tell me I'm the only one that gets that. I've already been called a grouchy old man once this week ;)

AoW 3 Release Info - Update

More news is coming out about the impending release of Age of Wonders III™, but as Ager Edi points out in the PBEM "likely to be added later" thread, warranted or not, there is still a great deal of "fear, uncertainty, and doubt" going around. Hopefully now that The Devs (praise be their names) have loosened up the NDA restrictions on Beta-testers, we may see more of that cleared up. His post is too long to summarize adequately, but you can read the entire thing Here. Comments of course are still welcome.

AoW III - Preorders announced

Originally posted by Lennart Sas, at AgeOfWonders.com

Now, after more than 3 years of development and more than 10 years of waiting from the fans, Triumph Studios is ready to confirm the release date for Age of Wonders III: March 31st!
Pre-orders have started at Steam and GOG.com and at retail in select territories. We have a Digital Regular and Deluxe Edition available. The latter adds the truly epic Dragon’s Throne scenario and a fabulous two hour soundtrack; don’t miss out on this! And we have added a free pre-order gift: The Elven Resurgence scenario, which takes the series’ back to its roots in the ancient Heartwood Forest.

As always, comments in HG's own AoW III subforum are welcome.