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AoW2 Screenshots

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Hi-Res Version (331k)

Force Field Activation

The wizards towers have many upgrades. Global spell casting is limited to the ranges of your towers. With upgrades like "Farcastering" and "Teleportation Gates," wizards use the towers to build up their magical power grid across the world, which makes magic-use more linked to the strategic map. Notice the map details in the hi-res version, such as the rail car tracks leading into the gold mine, and the fabric of the wizard's robe.


Hi-Res Version (290k)

Freezing Water

Here we see the Freeze Water spell used to cross the water in what looks to be the same landscape from the "Force Field Activation" image above. The dots are the new movement interface which, as Josh Farley puts it, "light up like an airport runway."  In combat the dots are color coded so you see how many attacks a unit has left after moving.


Hi-Res Version (303k)

Ascension Day

Wizards spawn and respawn using an effect linked to their sphere. In this desert scene we see some of the units from the new Draconian race of winged lizards. In this scene is a Draconian Flyer, Crusher, Hatchling and Charger. The red-scaled unit  seen in upper right corner is a Draconian Flamer.


Hi-Res Version (309k)

Made in Holland

Just some scenery here. Note the little dirt clouds behind the Elven hero's horse! In AoW2 you'll find lots of little touches that bring the environment to life.  In the hi-res version, you can see the individual stones that make-up the bridge, and the lily pads in the river, around the water node.  Watch out for that huge spider that's sneaking up behind the Elven Scout near the water node!


Hi-Res Version (300k)

Great Hail

An early combat screen where the wizard Merlin (observing the battle from one of his Wizard Towers) casts the spell Great Hail to smite his enemies. The wizards do not need to actually be on the battle field to cast spells against enemy units.  Here we see Goblin Spearmen going against some Archon units: the Titan, Swordsmen, Paladin and a Priest. Note the new combat events lists, which lists all information on melees, immunities, and so forth.


Hi-Res Version (320k)

The Map Editor

Here we see the map editor building some "wasteland" terrain. All cities are 7 hexes + surrounding crop fields. Smaller towns are also 7 hexes in size, but don't fill all the surrounding hexes with housing. The red wizard, Karissa Firehair, holding city's center hex (i.e., the citadel) owns the city.  That strange purple-colored node with the "?" above it from the map tile selection menu is a random mana node. When a player starts up the scenario, the game randomly link the mana node to one of the 6 spheres of magic: life, death, earth, air, fire or water.

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