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  • You can download two samples of AoW2 music in the Files section of the Official AoW2 website.

The musical score for AoW2 was written by Mason B. Fisher, who has also composed PC game music for: Ravenloft: Strahd’s Possession (1994, German), Clandestiny (1996) and Caeron 3000 (2002).

You can ask Mason B. Fisher your own questions in our AoW2 General Discussion Forum. Mason posts under the username "The WireHaired."

lachesis_cover.gif (26852 bytes)In 1998, Mason B. Fisher composed all of the music for The Lachesis Passage, a fully dramatized audio fantasy adventure with full orchestration and sound effects. All of the character roles are played by actors giving it the feel of a movie, rather than a cheesy "book on tape" feel. The storyline (somewhat similar to The Lord of The Rings) tells of an epic battle between the good wizard Gelvon and the evil wizard Vandermast. The story of good-hearted adventurers fighting the forces of evil has certainly been told before, but never quite this way. Those who are looking to perk up their morning commutes to work should check out this CD, as should anyone looking for a little inspirational music while preparing for their weekly Dungeons & Dragons session.

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