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Basic Race Evaluation

By: Talon-Thorn
Last Updated: September 2, 2002

What follows is a general review of all races in Age of Wonders II. Each evaluation is based primarily upon how a race's stats and abilities compare to those of other races. Comparisons are also based in part on game-play knowledge, but not extensive game-play results. This should make the conclusions fairly objective, having limited influence based on chance game-play encounters. It could also result in some things being overlooked. Therefore, this is a "basic" evaluation of the races.

According to the designers, the game is best played by combining the strengths of several races to compensate for weaknesses. I have made no attempt to determine what races work well together, since this is largely dependent on the races available on a map. Ultimately, actual game-play for each race will depend a lot on map settings and player strategy style. Hopefully, knowing the basic strengths and weakness of each race will better enable the player to determine how to play a particular map.

In any event, I hope this brief review of each race will come in handy for introducing the reader to each race of the "second age."  Click on a race's name below to view its details. You can view detailed stats for the units of each race in AoW2 Heaven's Units section.

Good Races, Page 2

Neutral Races, Page 3

Evil Races, Page 4

Comments and constructive criticism are gladly received by Talon-Thorn at I will even consider changing information in this article based on reader response.

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