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Scenario Design

Customising Wizards

You can customise the properties of the starting wizards on your map.

First, go to Options on the top menu bar, and then Map Settings, and then click on the Players Tab.

Player: allows you to hop to the wizard you wish to edit.

Change button: for you to change the portrait of the player's Wizard.

Customise button: This is for you to change the name, gender and sphere of magic of your starting wizard, something like a make-your-own. (We'll come back to this later in this article.)

Color: a couple of options here for colors representing this player.

Start Race: Choose from 12 available starting races.

Type: Assign control to human or (CPU) AI to play this side. There are five AI levels to choose from. Right next to this is a "fixed" checkbox. If you put a check in this box, the player will be forced to go with your player type setting.

Start Gold/Mana: How much gold or mana the player side begins with.

External Gold/Mana income: How much gold or mana the player recieves per turn independent of income or mana generators (e.g city or node respectively.)

Researched Spells: From here you can choose what spells will be available in the spellbook of the Wizard at the beginning of the scenario.

Making Your Own Wizard

You can also create new wizards to replace the default Wizards (Yaka, Serena, etc) in the scenarios.

Select the Wizard you want to replace throught the Player pulldown menu, and then click on the Customize button . This is will bring you to a screen, Wizard Properties.

Important note: If you manipulate anything under the customise wizard property windows, the default wizard will be lost. When you click on customize with the default Wizard selected, it brings up a blank Wizard Properties window, so that if you unaware and just change the sphere mastery without re-entering the name, then press OK, you will end up with a Wizard with no name. (This is not apparent until you exit the map settings all together.) This means that if you want to change the sphere mastery of Yaka from fire to water, you must rekey in his name and gender in the respective field boxes in the wizard properties window. Simply put, just don't leave any of the field boxes unfilled.

Here you can type in a new name for your customised wizard, select gender, and select a spell sphere of choice. You can also change the portrait of your Wizard by clicking on the Change button.

Next, you can choose skills (+1) and penalties (-1) for your wizard. You are given just one skill point to spend. However, just like in the campaign, if you take a penalty skill, you will be able to pick an additional bonus skill. If you don't assign any skill or penalty, your Wizard will start without any skill bonuses. (Interesting note: It seems that you can choose all the penalty (-1) skills for your wizards, and then counter it with the bonus skills - thereby giving your wizard up to 11 different character modifications this way.)

If you click on the Descriptions tab in the Wizard Properties window, you'll get a big text window where, if you like, you can type in some background information about your wizard. (Note: During gameplay, you can view this background info about your wizard when you go to the Diplomacy window, select a wizard and press on the "Info" button.)

At the bottom of the Descriptions Tab is the Diplomacy Messages button - click this button and it takes you to a new window where you can customise the diplomacy messages (the 'popup' messages) of your Wizard for declaring war, making contact, and breaking alliance.

You can type in your own message for each of the different types of diplomacy messages. Choose a message type you wish to change by selecting from the list on the left side and then type your message into the large text space provided.

The different types of diplomacy messages are quite self-explainatory if you are familiar with the game. The letters in brackets, [F], [N] and [H], is indication of relationship tones. They mean "friendly", "neutral" and "hostile" respectively.

All other buttons and fields in this window are inactive and cannot be manipulated. Therefore you cannot change the Headings or assign a new ID number either. (However, if you find out the function of these, please feel free to e-mail us and let us know. Personally, I think they were meant for the campaigns, which at the moment, we don't have access to.)

When you're satisfied with your new wizard, press all the OK's to exit these windows. Once you're back to the Map Settings, Players tab, just press OK to exit, and then SAVE the map. It may not be necessary to save the map right away, but as a precaution against losing it due to possible editor hiccups, I'd advise you do it this way.

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