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These eight pics were submitted on 02-22-2003, with comments by the scenario designer.

Picture 1: Jungle

Swamp trees surrounded by shrubs and stones. For the effect to work, it's important to get the area shady and dark. I used the darkgrass tile in combination with shrubs and grass trees. Select the darkgreen trees and add some poison plants, flowers and webs to complete the jungle (inspired by TalonThorn). From 'The Fight for Light'.

Picture 2: House

Put the Watermills Wheel out of sight. From 'The Fight for Light'.

Picture 3: Darklands

The cypress trees give it a gloomy, surreal appearance (inspired by Damon Relic). From 'The Fight for Light'.

Picture 4: Bone path

Copying bones on top of each other to get a nice effect. The possibilities of this technique are numerous! From 'The Fight for Light'.

Picture 5: Grand Cities

A trick to achieve this is to first make a 'Snow'/'Wasteland' area. Then, you can place most of the villages and cities very close to each other. Don't forget to 'paint' the Snow/Wasteland over (affects morale of units) with a desired type of land. It's also possible to place Nodes or other stuff in the areas to get pretty effects. I have been experimenting with these grand cities (5, 7 cities..) and very pretty things can be made! It makes for strategically interesting places as well.. From 'The Fight for Light'.

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