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Scenario Design

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Story Elements In AOW2 Scenario Design

Part 5: Signs - A small but important story contributing element

Signs are usually used to mark out the various distinct land regions and locations on the map.

I use them so that I can refer to these places in my message events and give clue to where things and quest objectives maybe. I use some of them like road signs, to mark out a special location or a warning sign of impending danger an area. Or add character to a place.

It adds some realism to a map. It aids players if they are going to write turn-logs in single player or pbem games. You can even use them as hints and warning signs.

Sign: "The Ancient Frozen City of Arkus"

Sign: "Warning! Enter this cave at your own risk!"

Sign: "North to Skirian Forest, West to Town of Abon, East to the Elven Peaks."

How to make a sign: In the editor, select and right click on the placed sign, then go to Properties, there you can type in the text for your signs. There is no apparent limit to the number of characters you can type in a sign.

Story Elements in AOW2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


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