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Scenario Design

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Story Elements In AOW2 Scenario Design

Part 4: Short Message Events

Short messages that pop up as the player explores the map can move the story of the map along and provide a kind of interactivity to the scenario. Below are some examples of how this effect can be achieved. (Note that these examples are only demostrating message events triggered by "Enter Area" only.)

(Note: The heavy use of Events are common in story maps. However, I will not cover the use of the other scripts and their various trigger and conditional settings here.)

Message: "The covered path to the north may the only safe way towards the City of Ebon."

Message: "Your scout exclaims, "Look there's the magic vault!"

Message: "You hear a strange sound from up ahead. Perhaps it is better to bring more men with you before venturing further."

On the left is a sample event setup of the above examples. As you can see, there are quite many other ways in which a message event can be triggered. You can use different sort of triggers for your different needs. I won't go into details of each of those triggers and their settings here, as they will be covered by Talon-Thorn later on in the script section of our Scenario Design Hall. But in the meantime, if you'd like more information about how to create your own scripts, be sure to read this article.

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