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Scenario Design

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Story Elements In AOW2 Scenario Design

Part 2: The Map Background

The map background is essentially that short paragraph which players get to read when they are selecting a scenario to play.

At the Scenario Selection screen

To those familar with AOW1 editor, you know that this no longer appears at the beginning of the turn when the game starts. If you want something similar to that effect in AOW2, you need to make use of Tutorial Message event, which I will elaborate on in a while.)

Type your map background into that text box marked map description in your map settings, as shown above. Try to keep it short, keep it clear and as much as you can, make the map sound as exciting as possible. (No I'm not asking you to lie, so you better make sure your map is worth the weight of your words. :)) Because of the limited size of the map description which you see during scenario selection, be sure that the first paragraph grabs the player's attention.

At the Player Selection screen

Note that this map background also appears within the game, if you go to the Options window and select "Objective".

Story Elements in AOW2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


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