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Scenario Design

AI Behavior of Event Spawned Units

by Talon-Thorn  (updated 09-22-2002)

Independent units can be set to a specific set of AI programming. Here are some details about how each of these AI program settings interacts with players and sites on the map.


Party may be hired, and has a banner titled "Party" on the turn it is spawned. Party will convert to "patrol" on the next turn unless AI is turned off for map -- then they will convert to "garrison."


Party will not leave spawn location. Party can not be hired.

Guard Area

Party will attack any players' units that comes with range, regardless of race relationships. After battle, the party will return to its starting location (if no other targets are within the area). Party can not be hired. The protected area is the maximum distance the slowest unit in the party can move in one turn, as limited by terrain.


Party will patrol the area around spawn location and may capture and watch over structures within area. Party may be hired. Patrol units' roaming range is 48 movement points from their starting location, taking into consideration passable terrain and movement costs.

Patrol units only remain within the roaming range if they are weaker than all unfriendly parties and sites that can be reached, regardless of distance. (This is where anti-AI tiles come in handy).

If the patrol units are stronger than a party or site on the map (including undefended sites), the patrol units make a bee-line for that party or site. If the patrol units are outside their patrol range and have no weaker targets, they will move back to their roaming range.

Whenever the status of enemy party-strength, site-defense, or race relationships change, the patrol units may also change their activity. These rules for patrol units are true regardless of the units' movement points and vision distance.


Party will go exploring. Party may be hired.


Party will not leave spawn location. Party can be hired by any player regardless of race relationships, and will always join for free.


Party will explore and will attack any non-independent site or party regardless of chance of success. Party can not be hired.


Party will not leave spawn location. Party may be hired.


Party will go exploring. Party cannot be hired.


Party will explore, capture sites, and sometimes raze sites, and will attack parties when it has a decent chance of winning. Party can not be hired.

Here are some additional party type information to take note of:

A spawned party with an AI that allows hiring will be available for hire only if the player has a friendly or polite relationship with the unit's race.

A unit may decide to attack a player if the player has a wary or hostile relationship with the unit's race. Note: non-race units (such as the Angels) and units with the Refuge AI can be hired by any player, regardless of alignment difference. Spawned machines also can be hired by any player (It is the "Units Join" event that has a problem with machines.)

The cost of hiring a non-refuge party is the sum build-cost of each unit in the party.

Independent parties never combine. They may stop on the same hexagon, but will then will separate and go their own way the following day.

Units set to wander or scout will explore, but will also be attracted to sites and unfriendly parties which are weaker then them.

"Avengers" units are the direct result of razing structures. These forces will attempt to attack the player/independent units who razed the structure. They essentially act like Raiders (will attack sites and parties they have a decent chance to win against; can not be hired) with a vengence toward the player who razed the structure.

When units cannot be paid and they desert, they become Raiders.

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