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Scenario Design

AOW2 Editor Interface (Part 1):
Getting around in the AOW2 Editor

If you have ever used the AOW1 Editor, you should be able to get around the AOW2 Editor in no time at all. If you're new to map editing and scenario design, this section serves to show that the editor is really very easy to use.

The above is a screenshot of what the editor looks like overall.

  1. The Toolbar.
  2. Map Tab which contain all the terrain tiles.
  3. Behind the Map Tab, is the Events Tab where you can create your own scripts.
  4. The Mini Map Window.
  5. Object tabs contain map and unit objects for placement on map.
  6. This is the Main Map Window where most of the work is done.
  7. Selected hex is outlined in yellow.
  8. Information about what your mouse is currently pointing at, such as coordinates, terrain base type, placed terrain object if any, and selected.

Let's get to it -
AOW2 Map Editor Interface: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


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