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Scenario Design

An Article by Talon-Thorn

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Map Event Basics
Part 4: The Event Settings Tab - The Conditions Tab

You can define conditions for use in defining an event by going to the "Conditions" tab. The "Conditions" tab is reached by clicking the "Conditions" button (next to the "Main" button) on the "Events" tab. (To return to the "Event Settings" tab, click the "Main" button.)

Very Important Note: You will have to click on "New" to make a condition. Don't be fooled by the look of it - when you first switch to the Conditions tab it will look like a condition is waiting for you to fill in the blanks. There are no default conditions and you can not fill in the blanks in the display until after you have created a new condition. The "New" button is toward the bottom of the "Conditions" tab.

A condition consists of a type and a name. When you create a new condition it will default to the "Area Visible" condition and its name will be set to the default, "Area Visible."

Create a Condition

To create a new event, click the "New" button. Then, select a condition type and change the condition's name to something descriptive. A descriptive name will make it easier to find the condition later when making changes, or for someone else to revise your map events.

Each condition type has additional settings to define the details about the condition. These additional settings vary by condition type, and are displayed just below "Name." A complete list of the various condition types and their detail settings are included at the end of this article.

The names of all conditions you have defined for the current event are displayed in a list just above the condition settings. Later, when you want to edit or review a condition, click on its name to see its settings.

Note: Conditions defined for one event will not be accessible to another event. Though all conditions will show up in the conditions listing window, only conditions defined specifically for the selected event can be used by that event.

TIP: You cannot cut and paste conditions between events. However, you can cut and paste events which have conditions defined for them, and this will make a complete copy of the event along with conditions defined for it. To make a copy of an event, select the event while on the "Events" tab, press ctrl-c, then ctrl-v. A new event with the exact same settings and same name will be added to the "Events List".

This concludes the discussion of the "Events" tab. Hopefully, you now know all you need to know to start making custom events for your map.

Good luck and by all means have fun!

Author's Note: I have made my best effort in making sure that the information here is correct. I have tested each component before writing about it to ensure that it works as I say. However, it is possible that I could still have missed something or didn't write something clearly or correctly. Please feel free to let me know the correction so that everyone can benefit from the correct information.-   Talon-Thorn (E-mail)

(Editing and screenshots by BCH)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Appendices


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