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Scenario Design

An Article by Talon-Thorn

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Map Event Basics
Part 3: The Event Settings Tab - Conditions Settings

The Conditions section (labeled "Conditions") allows you to fine-tune the trigger by adding additional conditions that must be true for the event to actually occur.

Note: You have to define a condition to use this section. When you create a new event, it has no default conditions defined for you. You define conditions on the Conditions tab.

Before I go into how to create a new condition, let's look at the "Conditions" section for events. You define a condition by setting a logical operator (AND/OR/AND NOT/OR NOT) and a condition name. (Note: The first condition allows only AND or AND NOT).

You can define up to ten conditions to restrict the occurrence of an event, by setting up a different condition and logic operator in each of the lines numbered 1 through 10. A scroll bar lets you view and setup conditions beyond the first three.

TIP: If you leave a condition blank ( set to "(NONE)"), the blank condition will be ignored but all conditions that follow will still apply.

Each condition is set up with either an AND, AND NOT, OR, or OR NOT logical operator, so you will need to know a little about basic logic to use this section. Basically, AND links conditions together so that all consecutive AND conditions must be true for the event to occur. OR conditions create a break in the list of conditions so that the event occurs on the trigger if either all conditions before the OR or after the OR are satisfied.

For example, if you have the following:

  1. AND cond1
  2. AND cond2
  3. OR cond3
  4. AND cond4
  5. OR cond5
  6. AND cond6

then the event will occur when the trigger is tripped and either 1) cond1 and cond2 are true, or 2) cond3 and cond4 are true, or 3) cond5 and cond6 are true.

One way of stating this is to say that AND has higher precedence than OR, but if that has no meaning to you, ignore it and just go by the example.

AND NOT and OR NOT work in the same way, except the conditions must be false. Thus, for example:

  1. AND cond1
  2. AND NOT cond2
  3. OR NOT cond3
  4. AND cond4
  5. OR NOT cond5
  6. AND NOT cond6

will cause the event to occur when the trigger is tripped and 1) cond1 is true and cond2 is false or 2) cond3 is false and cond4 is true or 3) cond5 and cond6 are false. (NOT has a higher precedence than AND and OR.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Appendices


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