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Map Event Basics
Part 1: Introduction and Getting Started

At the top right of the map editor are two tabs, the Map tab and the Events tab. This article is about the basic components of the "Events" tab and has been divided into 5 parts:

Getting Started

Clarification: To prevent confusion, the "Events" Tab consists of what I am calling the "Event Settings" tab (Main) and the "Conditions" tab. Both tabs are sub-tabs of the Events tab. For now, you do not need to know about the Conditions tab, as you can make an event without ever using the conditions tab. The conditions tab will be discussed later in this article. Suffice it for now to know that you can switch between these two tabs by clicking the "Main" button to get to the "Event Settings" tab, or the "Conditions" button to get to the "Conditions" tab.

The first step in creating an event is to click on the Events tab. Very Important Note: You will have to click on "New" to make an event. Don't be fooled by the look of it - when you first switch to the Events tab, there are no default events and you cannot fill in the blanks in the display until after you've created a new event. The "New" button is toward the bottom of the "Event Settings" tab.

The names of all events you create are displayed in a list to the left of the event settings. When you create a new event, it defaults to the "Center View" event and is given the default name "Center View." Later, when you want to edit or review an event, click on its name to see its settings.

TIP: To quickly make a duplicate of an existing event, select the event in the events list, press ctrl-c, then press ctrl-v. This will create an exact duplicate event in the events list, even with the same name as the original.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Appendices


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