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AOW2 Movies

Compiled by Josborne (Original site)

With the "Show Movie" event, it is possible to incorporate BINK movies into a custom scenario. AOW2 comes with quite a few BINK movies that are part of the single player campaign. The nice thing about these movies is that the scrolling marquee of text displayed during the campaign is not actually part of the movie. Many of the movies are generic enough to be used in specific campaigns for cut scenes or foreshadowing of events to come. Below is a general description of what is contained in each of the default movies, useful if you want a reminder of what each movie.

To get yourself a nice BINK viewer (which also doubles as a nice BINK converter for your own movies you might like to include) check out:

NOTE: Something to be aware of when including movies in a scenario is that the movie only plays for the person triggering the event. It does not pause the game for everyone. In a "Simultaneous Turn" game the gameplay will proceed for the other players while the person who triggered the "Show Movie" event watches the movie.

Duration: 6 seconds.
Description: Airship flying below cloudy sky, attacked by dragons, airship burns after dragon attack.

Duration: 3 seconds.
Description: An Icedrake hovers over a snowy landscape.

Duration: 3 seconds.
Description: Tempest, Serena, Yaka, Nekron and Mab standing over Julia, who is surrounded by a glowing field.

Duration: 32 seconds.
Description: Longer version of Air02b.bik. Cloudy sky, red dragons swoop down through a vortex in the clouds, close up of the red dragons. Shot of the deck on the airship from behind Merlin. The airship launches a bunch of javelins that take out one red dragon. The rest of the dragons swoop on the airship, breathe fire on it, and the final shot shows the burning airship.

Duration: 4 seconds.
Description: A "wastelandscape", lots of dragon skeletons litter the ground, a bone dragon stretches in the foreground.

Duration: 61 seconds.
Description: The movie played at the end of the single player campaign.

Duration: 2 minutes, 36 seconds.
Description: The introduction movie for Age of Wonders 2.

Duration: 10 seconds.
Description: A dark landscape with a dark stormy sky, lightning flashing in the sky over a dark city in the distance.

Duration: 10 seconds.
Description: Yaka, Serena, Nekron, Mab and Tempest surround Julia as she transforms into Julioch.

Duration: 6 seconds.
Description: A drowning, skeletal form Merlin sinks into the sea.

Duration: 4 seconds.
Description: Inioch standing next to a pyramidal ruin.

Duration: 6 seconds.
Description: A skeleton lies partially submerged within a swamp in a very pretty forest.

Duration: 8 seconds.
Description: A group of riders, silhouetted by a bright yellow sunset in a dark sky, stand on a mountain clip.

Duration: 5 seconds.
Description: Gabriel slumps in the throne in his wrecked throne room. The earth orb floats in the foreground.

Duration: 9 seconds.
Description: Merlin sits in a gray cave, holding a torch.

Duration: 8 seconds.
Description: Shot of a dark gray cave, after a couple of seconds the red eyes, long legs, and finally a giant spider crawl out of a cave.

Duration: 2 seconds.
Description: A flaming hot iron on an anvil is banged by a hammer.

Duration: 5 seconds.
Description: A ruined city in the foreground with a flaming horizon.

Duration: 3 seconds.
Description: A group of pioneers in the foreground on a grassy knoll with a pretty river flowing through a mountain range in the background.

Duration: 4 seconds.
Description: A volcanic landscape, lava flowing in rivulets, dark skies, with a dark wizard tower rising above the mountains in the background.

Duration: 4 seconds.
Description: Gabriel slumped in his throne, arm outstretched holding a glowing object.

Duration: 9 seconds.
Description: Julia sitting in her throne room, zoom in on her face, zoom back out to the throne room.

Duration: 3 seconds.
Description: Serena lying on an outside couch, surrounded by tents, in a Cleopatra like pose.

Duration: 3 seconds.
Description: A moonlit view of Julia's destroyed, ice covered throne room.

Duration: 4 seconds.
Description: A group of battle ready elven scouts sitting on a forested cliff, the sun shines through a cloudy sky.

Duration: 8 seconds.
Description: View of a wizard's library illuminated by a glowing brazier in the background.

Duration: 5 seconds.
Description: Gabriel looks on as Merlin stands near the water sphere, passing his hand near the surface.

Duration: 3 seconds.
Description: Marius stands in the foreground. The background landscape contains a couple of ships floating on a large sea with the sunrise in the background.

Duration: 5 seconds.
Description: A shimmering river snakes through a grassland.

Duration: 8 seconds.
Description: A windy overcast view of two cliffs. A ruined temple lies on the closer cliff surrounded by trees whose leaves are being blown about in the wind.

Duration: 18 seconds.
Description: A shot from inside of a golden wizard tower as Merlin walks toward the balcony. The scene changes to a zoom in on Merlin standing on the balcony of the wizard tower, the scene zooms out to take in the whole view of the wizard tower (which looks to be a Level 3 tower).


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