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Scenario Design

AOW2 Mapmakers' Gallery

(Updated 10-05-2002)

Created a unique looking landscape in the editor? Capture it and send it in!
  • Please restrict sizes to 350 by 350 pixels, file format - jpeg or jpg images only. If the picture is larger than 350 by 350, I may reduced the size of the pic.
  • Zip up the file using Winzip.
  • Send it in via e-mail..

Talon-Thorn: "Blue Mountains"

Note: Using cavern "wall" tiles to create distorted land tiles on the surface is perhaps a poorly kept secret. It only works on the surface, and you have to be careful changing terrain height and "water" paint after applying it. I'm currently making a map based on the rather odd terrain variations possible by this method. Note also, if you click near such a "stretched" hexagon using either water or the raise or lower tool, you can cause big ripples of distorted can even create "raised" water tiles by this method (but I don't recommend leaving them as is just too...unrealistic). - Talon-Thorn

Submitted 09-26-2002

Magog: "Satan's Residence"

Submitted 09-29-2002

Talon-Thorn: "Waterfall"

Submitted 09-30-2002

Talon-Thorn: "High Pass"

Submitted 10-05-2002

Talon-Thorn: "Golden Mountains"

Submitted 10-11-2002

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