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Scenario Design

Creating 'Dark Grass' Effects

By Damon Rellik, via e-mail

Do you want to make a forest even more darker or want to blend Wasteland and Grassland tiles better? Here is a little trick to achieve this.

Here I've made some hills with Wasteland Mountains on top and have placed several Wasteland tiles around those mountains.

Next, go to the Grass tile section and use the "Dirt" tile which is located to the far right and almost last row in the Grass tile section; the one under the most right "Bones" tile. Put that "Dirt" tile on the grass terrain. As you can see, I've used this on a big piece and can already get a darker underground.

But you can use this "Dirt" tile more then once on the same tile. As you do so, it gets even darker.

Now start planting those other grass tiles on the dark underground. By using Pine Trees, you can darken it up even more. If you're using Oak Trees, try to get the darker ones by clicking on it multiple times until you get the desired effect.

Here I've used some "dark bushes" to darken it up even more. You can do the same as with the Oak Trees by clicking multiple times until you get darker shade ones, or (this is another little trick) use a desert tile with bushes and change the Desert tile back to Grassland,which gives you those darker bushes instantly. Copy and paste those bushes over the dark Grass tiles. You can also add some flowers and wasteland bushes to "brighten" it up.

For extra effects, try using Poison Cloud or Heavy Storms (as shown in Cazuul's contributed article) to add even more atmosphere to it.

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