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Scenario Design

City Properties

The City Properties window allows you to customise your cities. To access this window, simply select a city on your map and then right click on it to bring up the option menu, select edit and you will be brought to the City Properties window.

Name: You can name your city. If you choose to leave that blank, the game will automatically assign a random name when you play the map.

Player: assign the city to a player owner.

Race: which race type occupies the city. YOu may put it on random if you don't feel like assigning a specific race type.

Defenders: assigns guarding units to the city - weak, average, strong or random.

Size: From outpost, all the way to city. Note that if you choose outpost, your only option for upgrade is Wooden Wall, and the other option check boxes in the Upgrade window will be grayed out.

Razed check box: If this is ticked, the city starts out razed condition. This means that the player has to rebuilt the city with a pioneer unit. Be aware that AI players won't rebuilt cities, and giving them a pioneer unit to rebuilt the razed city will not help either.

(The ID number is for the purpose of identification when creating scripts.)

The Upgrade screen is where you specify which city structure is already built in the city at the beginning of the game. This upgrade screen contains a simple city structure tree diagram. Check the box to which structure you want prebuilt into the city at the beginning of the game.

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