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Scenario Design

"A Touch of Love To Your Map"

Contributed by Cazuul

Cazuul demostrates how a little more effort and loving touch can add interesting and aesthetic quality to the map terrain. He uses a combination of tiles on the same hex to create special effects as shown in these pics.

They are all taken out of the map, "Rain Over Halflingen" which I am currently working on . I think it's obvious how the landscapes are done and I hope these will inspire other mapmakers to add more "love" into their creations.

I think the Misty Forest is something new. At least I haven't seen anybody combining the two tiles like that. (ie. Heavy storms and tree tiles.)

As for the other pics - I guess one can easily see that they are are 'combined' tiles (two or three different graphics on the same hex), which all took quite a while since I had to click a few times to get the right tree/flower,... to sit in the right way together on the hex.

Misty Forest

(Heavy storm tile was used to create the misty effects.)

Town of Halflingen

(Strong current tile was used to create that aura around the water nodes.)


(A beautiful flower hill with a Life node.)

Dark-Wood Camp


(The Use of underground tile set objects causes distortion effects that can be used to your advantage. On the left bottom corner is a pillar from the underground tile set. Fire tile and torch tiles have a orange red glow effect.)

Discussion and questions, please post on the scenario design forum.

*Bracketed comments by BCH


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