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Scenario Design

The AI Block

Adapted from a forum topic.

The AI Block is used to restrict AI controlled stacks (AI players and AI independents) from wandering into areas where you don't want them to go. In the game, these placed AI block markers will not be visible on the map. (i.e. They are only visible in the editor.) This tile is found on the Places Tab in the editor.

The path is blocked.

The AI controlled units cannot get to the mine.

It has been found that these blocks are removed from the map during gameplay once a human controlled unit stack walks through it.

"I modifed a map to test scripts and other things. I totally blocked off an area to keep independents from getting to an AI player, and they didn't, until I sent a unit through the blocks. It blocked the independents from getting in, and it blocked the AI player from getting out.

"Do this: put a group of very strong independents in a confined area with a city controlled by an AI player or yourself, surround the city with AI blocks, so that nothing gets in or out. Let the turns go as long as you want, then send one of your units all the way through the block, not just on top of it, and watch the independents go through the hole you made. BTW, make the independents raiders or berzerk, and set the map on aggressive independents."
- Drakken

To get around this, you might want to use a script to make a customised (and more permanent) block. But this script will only work for AI players, not AI independents (the grey flag stacks).

Script idea by Lonely Tower: a custom AI block using the "Teleport" event

" Event Type: Teleport
Player: Trigger player
Co-ordinate: {co-ordinate of the blocked area}
Destination: {anywhere you deem fit}

Trigger Type: Unit Enter Area
Player: {select on the AI players}
Co-ordinates: {co-ordinate of the blocked area}

Use this script sparingly though. I expect there will be a great deal of lag if it is used at a frequently used choked point..."

(This article was adapted from a scenario design forum topic.)


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