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Hotkeys for AoW2 and AoW:SM

Arrow keys Scroll the map
PGUP Map level up (to Surface)
PGDN Map level down (to Caverns)
N  or  '.' Select next unit/army
P  or ',' Select prev. unit/army
M Move selected unit(s) along previously set path
D Select party as 'Done' for the current turn.
G Toggle Guard Mode on/off for selected stack
H Select next hero
Home Center View on Wizard
C Center Location
Space Next Event
CTRL + E or
End Turn
F1 Tutorial: Bring up last message
F2 Quicksave
F3 Quickload
ESC Quit
S Select the selected unit's next active ability in TC (only AoW:SM)
A Toggles Magic Domain View on/off
O Toggles observation of enemy movement on/off
CTRL + H Toggles Hex Grid on/off
F9 Toggle Framerate Info on/off
TAB Brings up the chat console in online games
F4 Editor: Toggle Terrain Height Grid on/off
Map display must be "selected" by clicking on the map first.
F5 Editor: Raise Terrain
F6 Editor: Lower Terrain
F10 Editor: Pause all animation
F5 Windowed Mode
F6 800*600 Screen Resolution
F7 1024*786 Screen Resolution
F8 1280*1024 Screen Resolution
ALT + ENTER Switches between full screen and Window display modes
CTRL + R Toggle Render Mode (Software or Hardware Rendering)
CTRL + F Toggle Binlinear Filtering (Hardware Only)
Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out (hardware only)
+ Zoom in (hardware only)
- Zoom out (hardware only)
0 Reset Zoom Level (hardware Only)

Captain Tripp has made a pdf file with hotkeys. It's available at

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