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[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C (for AoW2 The Wizard's Throne)
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + S (for AoW: Shadow Magic)
and when you hear a sound, enter the desired cheat. This can be repeated several times to enable multiple cheats.

Cheat Code Function
gold Max gold
mana Max mana
explore Toggle Exploration on/off
fog Disable fog
research Research all spells
win Win scenario
freemove Toggle Free Movement on/off
towns View all towns in the current map
lose Lose scenario
spells Toggle Free spells on/off
instantprod Toggle Instant production on/off
ai Toggle AI on your own player
upgradehero Upgrade hero
cityspy Toggle Spying of enemy cities
emergehero Calls an independent hero next to your city, so you can hire him

In the campaign screen, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + Q to open up all campaign maps.

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