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Special Locations - Magic Locations

These magic locations are invaluable to Wizards. Sometimes, that extra bit of mana or gaining knowledge of a new spell can make a difference between a quick victory or a long drawn out battle. Some of these locations are only beneficial so long as they belong to your Wizard, while the others only rewards the first one who enters it; after which they are considered explored and are therefore empty.

Magic Power Nodes

These power nodes generate 10 mana for your Wizards. Nodes which are associated with the elemental spheres of magic generate double the normal amount of mana to the Wizard mastering the respective sphere.

Magic Power Node

Fire Power Node

Earth Power Node

Life Power Node

Water Power Node

Air Power Node

Death Power Node

Other Magic Locations

Magic Relay: This structure expands your domain beyond the range of your wizard tower, with a condition that your wizard be present in his tower.
Magic Vault: A magic vault contains mana and a previously unreasearched spell. It is usually guarded. This location can only be explored once.
Magic Catalyst: Grants 50 casting points or 150 research points. This location can only be explored once.
Magic Rift: A magic rift is a ripped fabric of space of sorts. Defeat the rift monsters and it will spawn a power node of your sphere.



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