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v1.1 Patch Changes

Big thanks go out to Agers Swolte for compiling this list and Warlock for supplements!

Note that this list may still be incomplete, as no complete listing of everything fixed has been officially published. If you know something more that's been addressed by this patch, please let us know.


  • Extra “Beginners" Campaign difficulty level added.
  • Surrender added to Options Menu
  • Objectives added to Options Menu
  • Population counter added in the city info screen
  • Alignment (good, neutral, etc.) added in the unit info screen


  • Crop Fields regrow after casting spells like “Evil Woods” and “Poison Woods”.
  • Ability levels from higher unit ranks no longer reset when loading a saved game.
  • Swapping Artifacts now updates Unit Statistics immediately.
  • Charge Info Incorrectly listed +2 ATT instead of +2 DAM
  • A rare AI lockup and Spirit crash
  • The “C” Center Location and “H” next Hero shortcuts now work.
  • Machines now join on their own.
  • “Call/Resurrect Hero” now checks max heroes setting
  • Casting “Poison Plants” no longer erases bridges.
  • “Static Shield” now correctly gives Lightning Strike.
  • Tactical AI no longer walks onto Flee Hexes.
  • Tactical AI Wall Attacking is improved.
  • Tutorial Ice Crossing made clearer
  • A rarely occurring slowdown during Tactical Combat is fixed.
  • Tactical Combat AI Spell casting is improved.
  • Ambient SFX now sound better.
  • “Resurgence” Spells and Items now properly resurrect a unit after death.
  • Ranged attacks which kill their targets now give proper event text.
  • Diplomatic Trading takes offer into account when checking for available mana/gold
  • Building Queue is cleared after AI takes over city
  • Flee arrows at the top edge of the Combat Map are now visible.
  • Abilities which take control of enemy Units (like Seduce) now give Experience when successful.
  • When the last enemy is a Possessed Unit, killing it no longer ends the Combat.
  • Floating Units can no longer walk over obstacles.
  • Marksmanship now gives bonuses to non-physical ranged attacks as well.
  • Non-physical abilities now show to-hit event info based on RES.
  • Combat Spells now have event info when selected.
  • End Turn hotkeys "CTRL-E" and "CTRL-Enter" now work in Tactical Combat too (even if an unnecessary popup appears).


  • “Tower Guard” now only fires for the first 5 Rounds of Combat.
  • Random Damage is now more likely to do an "average" amount, with minimum/maximum Damage rolls being more rare.
  • Fairy: Concealment added.
  • Leprechaun: Taunt added
  • Magic Servant: Strike added
  • Fire Crossbow: DAM 7 (was 5)
  • Hurl Stones: ATT 7, DAM 5(was 6,7)
  • Shoot Javelin: DAM 10 (was 7)
  • Venomous Spit: DAM 9 (was 5)
  • Fire Bolts: DAM 7 (was 5)
  • Frost Bolts: DAM 7 (was 5)
  • More Hero Experience needed at higher levels.
  • Level 10 to 20: 50 (instead of 40)
  • Level 20 to 30: 70 (instead of 50)
  • Swarm DAM 5 (was 1)
  • Corpus DAM 8 (was 5)
  • Combat Spells now do from 50-100% of their DAM.
  • Healing Spells now restore from 50-100% of their maximum.
  • Draconian flyer costs 160 gold
  • Haste costs 15 to cast (remains 4 upkeep)
  • Healing costs 15 to cast
  • Druids have increased cost of 120 gold


  • Validate Map Button now works.
  • FrameRate disabled by default (F9=Toggle)
  • Desert no longer listed twice in New Map
  • ArmyDlg Edit button fixed/Add button removed
  • HeroDlg add/remove items fixed.
  • Item/Hero Libraries are now saved
  • Customize Wizard crash fixed


  • Blazing Comet Attack 18, instead of 10
  • Death Ray Damage 6, instead of 8
  • Stoning Attack 10, instead of 8
  • Suffocate Damage 6, instead of 4
  • Deep Fissure 2-8x damage vs. structures
  • Tremors 2-8x damage vs. structures
  • Fire Storm Attack 12, instead of 7
  • Entangle Attack 15!!
  • Titan Willpower added

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