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Heroes are one of the most important units in Age of Wonders II. In addition to their capabilities to equip Magical Items and to extend the Domain of a Wizard garrisoned in his or her Wizard Tower, they are also the most powerful and flexible units with respect to their own inherent Unit Abilities.

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Hero Classes

Hero Classes - This page describes the Unit Abilities available to every type of Hero according to it's Race and Class.

There is a total of 6 Hero Classes available to Heroes in Age of Wonders II: Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman and Warrior. However, each Race is limited to only 3 of these Classes. For example, an Archon Hero may only be a Paladin, Priest or Warrior, while a Draconian Hero may only be a Rogue, Shaman or Warrior. Although specific Unit Abilites vary from Race to Race, each Class has a general theme: Warriors and Paladins are strong melee fighters, Priests and Shamans are healers, and Rogues and Rangers are stealthy and proficient in ranged attacks. The Unit Abilites which are inherent in all Heroes of a specific Race and Class are listed in the tables below as Abilities.

By landing the killing blow on an enemy Unit, Heroes earn Experience Points. When a Hero has accumulated enough Experience Points he or she will gain a Level. Upon gaining a new Level, three choices are offered to the Hero which include either new Abilites, and one or two of the following: Offensive (+1 Attack, +1 Damage), Defensive (+1 Defense, +1 Resistance) or Health (+2 Hit Points, +4 Move Points). The new Abilites which are offered on gaining a Level are specific to the Hero's Race and Class, and are listed in the tables on the Hero Classes page as Level-up Options.

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